Collaboration with Garena Free Fire X Fact 4, the Latest FF Boyband Bundle!

For now, the most dominating game on Android, is still held by Battle Royale. As we all know in this game, there are lots of interesting things that we can find and try. If you want to try it, you can immediately play the Free Fire game now. Where this game too, has become the best game on Android. This time there is Garena Free Fire X Fact 4 collaboration, which later you can get the latest bundle in the next update.

As we know, Garena will definitely provide many new things to make Free Fire, better and quite crowded than usual. Now we all have the newest Wolfrahh Character Free Fire, with abilities that are quite deadly.

Apart from this, there are still many leaks of other recent updates in this game, with pretty good update elements or content. On the Brazil server right now, we have a pretty cool School-themed Incubator Royale Leak.

So by presenting many of these leaks, surely all of you will never get bored playing the Free Fire game. For now, all of us, have got the latest leak that might be interesting for all of you.

Where in the Leaks that are presented for now, there is a new Bundle that will later be present in the Free Fire game. Despite the exact date and how to get it, it is not yet known by many players.

Curious? Check out the article below.

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The Latest Free Fire – Fact 4 Bundle

For news on the emergence of this latest bundle, the news is that Garena is doing another partnership with this Thai Boy Band. Of course, the bundle that will be present later, will be one of the rarest and only present in an event.

If you are curious about the Free Fire x Fact 4 trailer,. In the video, we can see a teaser or a leak of Garena’s collaboration with Fact 4.

Trailer Garena Free Fire X Fact 4

The bundle presented by Garena is also quite good, even reportedly it will become a Limited Bundle and only be in the event. It turns out that the bundle is presented as closely as possible, with Fact 4 in Thailand today.

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Of course, by establishing a collaboration like this, Garena will definitely be able to make the Free Fire game even busier. Because in the future the Free Fire game will definitely have more collaborations with other well-known game companies.

For now the collaboration between Garena and Fact 4 has also become good, just waiting for the official results of this bundle to come in full and at that time this collaboration will be at its peak. This bundle is cool, even though the purchase is shown in full view.

But by looking at the Background from the Bundle view alone, we might be interested in getting it in the game later. The issue of the release date is not yet known by all players, but it is likely to be coming soon in Free Fire.

We all just need to be patient waiting for this update to come, so that later the bundle can also be obtained by all of us. Maybe the Thai server first will receive the new bundle update. After that, only the Indonesian servers, this is because the boyband comes from Thailand.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.