Collaboration with MegaFon Presents New Virtus Pro Colors at The International 8!

One of the favorite teams in the grand event Dota 2, The International 8 brings surprise news. It’s not about change rooster but in accordance with the title above.

Yup, has announced a color change in the polar bear logo following the collaboration with MegaFon.

MegaFon collaboration with Source: Website

MegaFon itself is the third largest telecommunications company and operator in Russia, where it is one of the companies that has a significant growth in the country led by President Putin.

If you are still confused, this company is more or less the same as Telkomsel in Indonesia which has Simpati on the operator’s device hand phone and IndiHome as internet provider.

The collaboration between MegaFon and also resulted in a temporary decision to change the color of the logo specifically for The International 8. Why is it green and purple? More or less in accordance with the colors of the MegaFon company itself.

Brand colors from MegaFon. Source: MegaFon Website

With an accent that matches the company’s colors, it is hoped that will be able to bring the name MegaFon to rapidly develop with the surprising color adjustments in the logo.

Not yet discussed how much value was poured out by MegaFon regarding sponsors who were able to change the logo of an esports team like Hmmm, it shouldn’t be a small number.

Reporting from the official page, Roman Dvoryakin, GM of explaining some of the leaks to come.

The bigger changes are related brand until the end of 2019 itself also commemorates the 15th anniversary of the formation of the polar bear team.

“Our collaboration with MegaFon is a crucial stepping stone for and also the whole realm of esports in Russia.

As the culture of professional esports develops in Russia, cooperation with Russian telecommunications companies has further strengthened its rapid and dynamic development.

virtus pro logo
MegaFon collaboration with Source: Website

I am very grateful to see MegaFon choose us as the most successful esports team in the Russian region. As part of the collaboration, from now until the end of The International 8 and the end of the year, all of our roster will use the colors of the MegaFon brand.

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Our logo will also change, at least this early November 2019 to celebrate’s 15th birthday. We will announce changes to the team from early 2019 onwards. “

General Manager of, Roman Dvoryankin.

In accordance with Roman’s opinion, will change their logo at least in November 2019. And also will use the logo starting from January 19, 2019.

Meanwhile, the green-purple logo will only be used until the end of 2019. Maybe it would be even more special if the polar bear fleet was able to bring the Aegis trophy as a gift for’s 15th birthday.

Apart from that, those of you who don’t like the color can breathe a little. Because the color from brand MegaFon will not be used for life. But if asked to choose, are you included #TimVirtusProOren or #TimVirtusProHijau?