Come on, get acquainted with the team that follows IGC tomorrow

It will not be felt soon that one of the biggest events in Indonesia will be present, namely the Indonesia Games Championship (IGC) presented by Telkomsel. This event was held from 21 to 23 April 2017 at Balai Kartini, Jakarta.

Various types of games will be competed to enliven this event with a total prize pool of 500 million rupiah, and one of them is DOTA 2. You Dota 2 lovers must come to this event because this tournament is not only attended by big teams from Indonesia, but There are also teams from abroad who make this event interesting to watch live.

There were 4 teams who were invited directly to this event, and also 4 teams that passed the qualifying rounds per region such as Medan, Bandung, Malang and Makassar. Do not forget there are also 2 international teams that qualified through the Southeast Asian qualifiers which invited 16 teams.

Who are they?

1.Rex Regum Qeon

It could be said that these two weeks, Rex Regum Qeon had an unsatisfactory period. In the national arena, Rex Regum Qeon lost to Boom.ID who finally won the Ahok Djarot Invitational Season 2.

Meanwhile, at the international level, Rex Regum Qeon lost to Fnatic in the lower bracket of the Manila Masters and only won 5-6 in ProDota Cup Season 7 after losing to Geek Fam.

Even so, RRQ managed to qualify for the ZOTAC Masters Cup through an open qualifier. Presence Bokerino who have joined the team in Jakarta are expected to bring RRQ back to become a respected team in Indonesia and internationally. The following is the roster from RRQ:

Rex Regum Qeon [Sumber : Fanpage RRQ]
  • Michael “KelThuzard” Samsir
  • Yusuf “yabyoo” Kurniawan
  • Farand “KoaLa” Kowara
  • Kenny “Xepher” Deo
  • Jun “Bokerino” Kanehara


EVOS is arguably the most developed team in Indonesia, as evidenced by winning 5th place in the Infinite Sky League and winning 3rd place in the SEA Manila Masters qualification.

This team is the superior in this IGC considering its achievements and has also defeated two international teams, namely Happy Feet in Infinite Sky League and PewPew in Prodota SEA.

Here’s the roster from EVOS:

EVOS [Sumber: Fanpage EVOS
  • Bruce “iLogic” Ervandi
  • Ramzi “Ramz” Bayhaki
  • Adit “Aville” Rosenda
  • Indra “Vlaicu” Utama
  • Chang “2hoi” Tu Hai

3. The Prime NND

Tim ini bisa dikatakan adalah Cloud9 versi Indonesia. Bagaimana tidak, sudah tiga kali menjadi runner-up di event-event nasional, mulai dari Kaskus Battleground Wave 2 dilanjutkan dengan AMD eSports dan yang terakhir Ahok Djarot Invitational Series Season 2 yang waktu itu mereka kalah dengan  Boom.ID.

Apakah di event ini mereka bisa meraih juara pertama? Berikut roster dari The Prime.NND :

The Prime NND [Sumber : Fanpage The Prime NND]
  • Ario “Panda” Susilo Putra
  • Rahman “Rusman” Syawal Rusman
  • Azam “Nafari” Algebra
  • Muhammad “Bubu” Damar
  • Rivaldi “R7” Fatah

4. Boom.ID

No wonder this team received an invitation directly to IGC, and you could say that the top team at this event. Their last achievement was to win first place in the Ahok Djarot Invitational Series Season 2 tournament.

In addition, this team is also inhabited by the MMR leaders in SEA, namely InYourDream. Here’s the roster from Boom.ID:

Boom.ID Dota2 and CSGO
Source: Instagram Boom.ID
  • Rizki ‘Varizh’ Varizh
  • Nicolas ‘Francoeur’ Batara
  • Dolly ‘SaintDeLucaz’ Van Pello
  • Randy ‘Grimocel’ Saputra
  • Muhammad ‘InYourDream’ Rizky

5. Wolves Field

From the name, of course we already know that this team comes from the city of Medan, North Sumatra. This team managed to qualify for the IGC main event after defeating Obelix E-Sport in the final round. Although the name is rarely heard at national events, this team is ready to pounce on its opponents at the IGC event.

Here’s the roster from Medan Wolves:

Medan Wolves when winning the IGC Medan region [Sumber : Medan Wolves Fanpage]
  • Osvaldo “Atreyu” Ardinal
  • Judge “Santelmo” Hutasoit
  • Aza “SoryveiL” Ginsu
  • Budhi “Adipati” Atmaja
  • Gik “Gik”

6. Pandora E-Sports

This team is the Indonesian DOTA 2 team that is on the rise. Proven lastly to qualify for the semifinals of the Manila Masters until finally losing to the Next Generation from Vietnam.

In the final round of the IGC Bandung region, this team defeated Kanaya Gaming, which is one of the most famous DOTA 2 teams in Indonesia. Here’s the roster from Pandora E-Sports:

  • Muhammad “NMM” Kevin
  • Saieful “FBZ” Inspiration
  • Rafli “Mikoto” Fathurrahman
  • Brizio “Hyde” Adi Putra
  • Rudy “Barbie Usagi” Lucky

7. EVOS Cubs

Everyone knows about EVOS. Well, this time EVOS was also represented by his younger brother, namely EVOS Cubs who came from Surabaya. Although it was only formed before Kaskus Battleground Wave 3, this team managed to qualify for the IGC through qualifying for the Malang region by defeating Hardcore.

Here’s the roster of the EVOS Cubs:

EVOS Cubs [Sumber : EVOS Cubs Fanpage]
  • Aristyo “Ziken” Urjel
  • Michael “Mich” Tiono
  • Henri “Carraway” Teja
  • Kevin “KYOSH” Tirtomuljono Sudargo
  • Ida Bagus “tigra” Agastya Perkasa

8. Rendezvous

This team managed to qualify for the IGC main event after defeating Pandora XT in the qualification for the Makassar region. Just like Medan Wolves, who are rarely heard of, but other teams should be aware of this team. Here’s the roster from Rendezvous:

[Sumber :,-ini-dia-para-jawara-dari-kota-daeng]
  • Muhammad “Law” Fachruddin
  • Trisno “Shinkudo”
  • Choerul “Natz” Imam
  • Nicholas Addison “Lasoman” Winaldy
  • Emeraldy “Nobody” Mody

9. Happy Feet

The team from the Philippines managed to beat Mineski before making sure to qualify for the IGC event. Their achievement is in third place in the Infinite Sky League and second in the Prodota Cup SEA season 6. They have also met with teams from Indonesia, namely RRQ and EVOS.

Here’s the roster from Happy Feet:

Happy Feet Source: Happy Feet Fanpage
  • Julius “Julz” De Leon
  • Benhur “Benhur” Lawis
  • Jayjay “Yaj” Garan
  • Jessie “JessieVash” Cristy Cuyco
  • Ralph “RR” Richard Peñan

10. PewPew VietNam

This last team can be said to be a dark horse in the qualifying round, how could they not be able to beat Clutch Gamers, which is a famous team in SEA.

This team had met with EVOS in ProDota SEA Season 5 but lost 2-0. It is interesting to wait for their performance while playing the IGC event. Here’s the roster from PewPew:

Source: PewPew Fanpage
  • Quang “DuyQuang” Đào
  • Duy “R1ver” Đào Đức
  • Duy “Dr. Pusheen” Quang Nguyen
  • Long “TieuLing” Tong
  • Hạnh “SweetLove” Nguyễn

Well, not only those who participated in this event. There are still 6 more teams that will compete at Balai Kartini, Jakarta to compete for slots in the IGC main event. Good Luck for all the teams that will compete.