Comparison of DPS Sombra and Other Heroes

Sombra has finally appeared in the PTR (Public Test Realm), players can try Sombra’s abilities as they like. While in PTR, the damage generated or resistance from this Sombra is adjusted as Blizzard collects more of its overall statistical data.

The following is a list of DPS and will serve as a quick comparison of Damage per second between all typical attacking Heroes. fall-off damage, inaccuracies, and critical hits do not count. This Damage values ​​data comes from Gamepedia. “maybe there will be another different survey “

DPS List (from the smallest to the largest):

Genji – 84 (left and right)

Pharah – 120 (direct hit)

McCree – 140 (left click), 270 (right)

Sombra – 160

Soldier: 76 (Live) – 170

Soldier: 76 (PTR) – 200

Tracer – 240

Reaper – 280

Sombra is right in the middle of the group which is directly proportional to the DPS weapon; if you just took Hitscan heroes, Sombra just be on top McCree. His skill set made Sombra is a bigger threat than its primary weapon

Likewise, McCree has a relatively small DPS, but due to the relatively far distance from the fall off damage, McCree is one of the top-tier heroes to play with.

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