Complete, 10 Teams That Will Compete in the 2017 Point Blank World Challenge!

Hello Troopers Revival!

After the first time it was held last year at Seoul, Korea party Zepetto as developer Point Blank game again held PBWC at Moscow, Russia of course, with more participants than the previous edition.

In the previous edition, only 6 countries participated in the tournament and it was won by 2Kill Gaming from Brazil.

In this edition the number of participants has increased to 9 countries or 10 teams (because of the host Russia get 2 team slots).

Do you want to know which teams will compete in PBWC 2017? Come see the summary below!


Of course there is a proud team from Indonesia, ENDEAVOUR389 ASLAN HFS, After successfully defeating Team GuardianForce in the final round, ENDEAVOR389 have the opportunity to represent Indonesia in PBWC 2017, of course this victory is the first victory EVR389 at the national scale event, hopefully Jack and friends can show their best performance and become champions at PBWC2017

Black Dragon e-Sports (Brazil)

This team looks like it will be one of the top leaders in PBWC 2017 because it is the incarnation of the 2016 PBWC champion, 2Kill Gaming. If in CS: GO Brazil has one Coldzera then in Point Blank they have Foox which is MVP when 2Kill Gaming managed to win PBWC 2017

While Fzn,Doodlez, and Coyote each of them has appeared 3 times in the international arena, and this time it will be his debut Patoxy on the international scene

Signature.PB (Thailand)

After the previous edition managed to become Runner-up at PBWC2016 and must be absent at PBIC2016,

Signature.PB returned to represent Thailand at PBWC 2017 by only replacing 1 roster namely Vpz which was replaced by VAR. It seems that many want an AWP duel between Reality against Jack, we just wait for it to come true.

antiFRAG (USA)This is the first time antiFRAG playing at PBWC after they had previously appeared in PBIC 3 times, this team is arguably a solid team because it can be said that they only changed players a few times.

For The Win (Europe Union)After previously showing poor performance at PBIC 2016, For The Win replace 1 player and can return to the PBWC 2017 event, hopefully this time they show a better performance than before

Entity Esports Replaced Team Wings (India)Supposedly representing India is Team Wings but according to information circulating they could not attend Russia because they had not received it Passport them and must be replaced by Entity Esports who became the 3rd place in PBNC India they have also represented India at PBIC 2016 under the banner NeckBreak

Luccini.Gaming (Peru)Luccini.Gaming is a fairly large esports organization in North / South America, this time their Point Blank division will make its debut at PBWC 2017

Ice e-Sports Club (Turkey)This team has played in PBIC 2016 under the banner Keskin Esports Club, this time they came back by replacing their 1 player namely Littleknight replaced by Razorcone

zNation & Respect Passage (Russia)As the host of PBWC 2017, Russia is entitled to 2 slots to take part in this event,

zNation is a team filled with experienced players at the national and international level, let’s call it Ivan “JohnK“Kuznetsov already 5 times playing in the PBIC and PBCW events, as well as Daniil “Johnny“Savostin who has defended AOEXE 2 times at PBIC, then there Genteel and also w3zyan4 who both defend FFWZG at PBIC 2016.

in fact Respect Passage is the home team Azerbaijan who follow the qualifying represent Russia there are 2 players who are quite senior, namely Zaur “1st“Aliyev and Baba”LolipopJkeee‘Guliyev who both defended Azerbaijan under the flag Crew and 3D Gamers

So, those are the 10 teams that will compete in PBWC 2017 Moscow, Russia ! Can it ENDEAVOUR389 ASLAN HFS become a champion? Let’s watch and pray together so that they can give their best. #INDONESIABISA #FIGHTFORINDONESIA