Complete lineup of talents that will enliven MPL Season 2!

Soon, MPL Season 2 will enter the top round which will be held on November 17-18 at the JX International Convention Exhibition (Hall B), Surabaya.

Only 8 teams left that will fight with each other for the title of champion MPL Season 2 and also a fantastic total prize up to reach US $ 100,000 (around Rp1.45 billion).

Besides being attended by players, it is also incomplete if not available talent who will guide the course of the event during the MPL Season 2 playoffs. Here are the talent and shoutcaster Indonesian and English which will enliven the battle in MPL Season 2.

  • Gerry Eka (MC)
  • Franzeska Edelyn (MC)
  • Fery “Pulung” Ferdiansyah (offstage reporter)
  • Verdina “Marimar” Visianthy (offstage reporter)
Source: MPL Indonesia – RevivalTV

Indonesian Language Talent

  • Riantoro “Pasta” Yogi (desk host)
  • Frans “Volva” Riyando (panelist)
  • Dennisa “Chainsmo” Istifani (panelist)
  • Abednego “Ansel” Ansel (panelist)
  • Fauzianska “Golden Ranger” Ramadan (caster)
  • Fahmi “Corned” Maulana (caster)
  • Ryan “KB” Batistuta (caster)
  • Krishna “Aurora” Banner (caster)
Source: MPL Indonesia – RevivalTV

English Talent

  • Darrian “Clyde” Jovan (desk host)
  • Audi “Auday” Eka Prasetyo (caster & panelists)
  • Gideon “Anonymous” Arief (caster & panelists)
  • Veronica “Velajave” Fortuna (caster)
  • Monica “Momo Chan” Mariska (caster)
  • Wibi “8Ken” Irbawanto (panelist)

Talent Indonesia at main event Of course, MPL Season 2 has often been seen during the MPL Regular Season 2.

While some names are on talent English has also previously been talent both during MPL Season 1 and MSC 2018.

But what caught the writer’s attention was presence host deck which is not in MPL Season 1. The two names that fill both Indonesian and English are Riantoro Yogi or known as Pasta and Darrian Jovan are both experienced figures.

Source: ROG Masters 2017

Pasta is now becoming caster at Mineski TVID and become caster in various major tournaments in Indonesia. Meanwhile, Darrian is currently a manager at Alter Ego e-Sports.

Divide Pasta into the host is a challenge and an opportunity to learn new things for him.

“Because it’s so different when you’re at the table caster although in general it is almost the same because both are in front of the camera but the duration will be different. Will be required to explore more about the game being played and event-his.

Moreover, you have to be creative in arranging words with the time you provide during the discussion of the topic. You have to be smart and also buy time when you have it problem in venue and must be able to mendelay time otherwise break time-his.

Meanwhile, Darrian was the first time he became the host in esports tournaments. “Cave start so talent idly filling the void becomes caster for some outdoor tournaments on one of the YouTube channels. Continuing to host is something that excites me.

Source: Alter Ego E-Sports

So I really want to try new things in addition to being so caster and this time I got a chance to make it the host at the MPL, “he said.

How about the competition in MPL? Darrian himself is following MPL’s course because he is also the manager of the team Mobile Legends Alter Ego.

“The response is MPL Season 2 is really interesting, yes, there are so many match interesting and the result unpredictable from every match-his. So it’s really fun to be followed, “he said.

mpl season 2 talent
Source: MPL Indonesia

Agreeing with Darrian, Pasta also admitted that MPL Season 2 will definitely be very exciting. “Because in the round qualifier there are also many exciting events in each match. “New champions should be born,” he said.

Well, that was it talent which will fill MPL Season 2 later. Are you ready to be the witness of the MPL Season 2 champion?

Edited by Yubian A. Huda