Complete List of Teams Passing the First Wave TI8 Dota 2 Open Qualifier

Just like the SEA region, the first Open Qualifier for the CIS region was also held on June 14 2018. However, in SEA there are 512 teams, in the CIS area there are 1024 teams competing.

There are several big names from the CIS who also competed here. These teams are:

Surprisingly or the funny thing is, the legendary Natus Vincere who was at the peak of his glory in the early days of Dota 2’s release even lost to ESPADA in Round 8.

From the CIS region, there are three teams that qualify for the Regional Qualifier from the first Open Qualifier. These teams are Team Empire, ESPADA, and Double Dimension.


Image Courtesy: Liquipedia

From Europe, Open Qualifier 1 was also held on June 14 2018 and there were 512 participating teams. In this region, there are several big teams that also compete. These teams are:

  • Alliance
  • OG
  • Elements Pro
  • Wind and Rain

Just like Na’Vi in the CIS, Alliance is arguably quite legendary from Europe. But their fate is just as unlucky lately. Even so, it escapes OG from the first Open Qualifier from Europe, it might have been predicted by many people.

Besides OG, Wind and Rain also entitled to advance to the next round, the European Regional Qualifier.


Image Courtesy: Liquipedia

The first Open Qualifier for South America was held on June 15 2018 with 512 participating teams. The most well-known teams from this region who participated in the first Open Qualifier are:

  • Infamous
  • paiN Gaming
  • INTZ eSports
  • SG e-sports

Of the 4 names, there are 2 names that might be said to be more popular, namely Infamous and paiN Gaming. Infamous barely escaped when defeated by SG e-sports in Round 4. Fortunately, there were 3 teams selected from Open Qualifier 1 for South America and Infamous won in the race for the third slot.

Thus, here are the 3 teams that passed the Open Qualifier 1 from South America. SG e-sports, paiN Gaming, and Infamous.


Image Courtesy: Liquipedia

The first Open Qualifier for North America was held last June 16, 2018. Although there are 512 available, it turns out that only 128 participating teams have participated in this qualification. From this area, there are some quite big names that joined:

  • Evil Geniuses
  • VGJ.Storm
  • complexity Gaming

The funny thing is, of the three names of the big teams, only 2 passed even though there were three seats up for grabs. VGJ.Storm is the unfortunate team. The reason is, their bracket draw which might be said to be less profitable. VGJ.Storm got to meet Evil Geniuses in Round 8.

One team name that, to be honest, I have never heard of before, even qualified for the North America Regional Qualifier. The team is Team Baidu.

Apart from that team, Evil Geniuses and complexity Gaming who made it into the Regional Qualifier.

A little recap, here is a short list:

SEA # 1: TNC Tigers and Alpha Red

CIS # 1: Team Empire, ESPADA, and Double Dimension

Europe # 1: OG and Wind and Rain.

South America # 1: SG e-sports, PaiN Gaming, and Infamous

North America # 1: Evil Geniuses, complexity Gaming, Team Baidu