Conquering ENCE, Mousesports Successfully Wins CS: GO Asia Championship!

Recently the CS: GO Asia Championship reached its final stage in Shanghai, bringing Mousesports together with Finnish star ENCE. Many thought ENCE would win easily, but Mousesports showed well why replacing Aleksib with suNny was a very bad decision on the part of the ENCE team.

source: Twitter

Series Best of Three starting on Train, the match runs evenly until the second half where the entire ENCE team can’t match the David’s duo. “frozen“Čerňanský and Özgür”woxicEker who scored 23 kills and won the first game for the Mousesports team.

The second game was slow for Mousesports, they had to lose for several rounds before finally winning the first round with a score of 8-7. ENCE had caught up until 11-8 but the change of strategy succeeded in returning the advantage to Mousesports until they won the second game with a score of 16-11 with Woxic as the shining player in series this.

Mousesports showed a great journey in this tournament, they started the round playoffs by beating Evil Geniuses in the quarter-finals, then directly facing the big team from China, TYLOO in the semifinals with comeback from the difference between the scores of 15-8 in the second map. Now, they are officially crowned champions of the CS: GO Asia Championship.

CS: GO Asia Championship 2019 is the first class tournament this team won in 2019 after winning the first class tournament in 2018 at ESL One New York 2018. Can they win the next tournament?