Containing Star Players, Tribe Gaming Officially Announces Roster Vainglory!

There is news that is quite surprising for lovers scene competitive Vainglory. Team from North America, Tribe Gaming who won Vainglory World Championship 2017, has announced rooster their official title for the competitive scene Vainglory in the upcoming 5v5 mode.

In its official twitter account, Tribe Gaming made an announcement line-up player in rooster Vainglory Their 5v5. This comes as no surprise with the tournament Vainglory Premier League which comes with a new tournament format in April, because now each team is required to have 5 core players.

However, with a number of esports organizations taking off rooster Vainglory as appropriate Cloud9 and fnatic, of course, adds to the number of player exchanges that are ready to help give victory in competitive Vainglory Upcoming 5v5.

Cloud9 which contains players full of talents like gabevizzle, Oldskool and iLoveJoseph only able to occupy 3rd place in the tournament Vainglory World Championship 2017 after beating Impunity.

One month later, Cloud9’s hiatus led to the division’s disbandment Vainglory at the same time for rooster they. This immediately gave a lot of speculation regarding where these star players are going.

In terms of achievement, Cloud9 division Vainglory is a team that is quite feared in the North American region. They won twice Unified Championship North America in 2017 and consistently occupies the top position of the tournament standings Vainglory8 NA, alternating with their fiercest rivals, SoloMid Team.

Cloud9 won the 2017 NA Unified Championship, Source: Vainglory Game

Different from Tribe Gaming, the team acquired from rooster Immortals Vainglory this apparently provided a surprise to the event Vainglory World Championship 2017. The status as a dark horse certainly deserves to be pinned on the Tribe Gaming team.

They are able to beat strong teams like Hunters and Team SoloMid in the group phase and overthrow the favorite champion, Cloud9 to secure tickets to the grand finals.

Ultimately, they were faced with ACE Gaming, a South Korean team known for their aggressive play on early games and draft pick Unusual.

But in the end, DNZio and comrades were able to secure title champion with complete dominance through a score of 4-1. Tribe Gaming has the right to bring total prizes US $ 70,000 and title team Vainglory number one in the world.

Tribe Gaming wins Vainglory Worlds 2017 in December, Source: Vainglory Game

“Adding a trio of star players like Gabe, Skool and Joseph into the team is a dream for us, as well as preparation for facing Vainglory Premier League. Our players are quite friendly with them, and the gathering of these players is nothing but for a purpose, to defend title champion Vainglory World Championship.

Not only aspirations in the competitive arena, but I am personally very excited to work together with this new trio in introducing them as one brand latest version, either via Twitch or YouTube channel. DNZio has also shown interest in introducing them. ” said CEO of Tribe Gaming, Patrick “Chief Pat” Carney.

The following is the composition of the Tribe Gaming roster for Vainglory Premier League 2018:

Gabe “gabevizzle” Villarin
Riley “DNZio” Haghian
Gabriel “Oldskool” Villamariona
Joseph “iLoveJoseph” Samano
Woo Hyun “MaxGreen” Choi

For the substitute position, there is Ray “ttigers” Han (Jungle) and Alexander “Xelciar” Matevosyan (Carry). While Mark “HotSauceUT” Harlan will fill the main coach bench accompanied by Vyzeox and pepetapia who are ready to provide analysis for the progress of the team.

Although ttigers must be a substitute, the man with role The jungle admitted that he didn’t mind his position as long as Tribe Gaming was able to give their best performance. Ray “ttigers” Han himself was part of the Tribe Gaming main team when they won Vainglory Worlds in Kallang Theater, Singapore at the end of December 2017.

Ray “ttigers” Han, Source: Vainglory Game
Edited by Jabez Elijah