Convoy Cruch Free Fire, Monster Truck FF Mode Update July 2020

All of you who play the Free Fire game, don’t forget to try this mode. Because for now there is also the latest Convoy Crunch Free Fire Mode, where it will be present and still in the Advanced Server to be tested first. The modes that are presented in the Free Fire game, all of them are really good and definitely cool to try.

All things that are presented in Free Fire, are indeed good and definitely cool for us to try. Moreover, to try the mode which will be present in this game later. For that, all of you must know, what are the new things in the Latest OB23 Free Fire update that will be coming. So if, for example, you understand later, you can certainly enjoy the update right away.

Right now, we will explain this information to all of you. Intrigued by the new mode? let’s just look at the explanation in the article below.

New Mode for the Latest Free Fire Convoy Crunch

Convoy Crunch Free Fire Mode is a very exciting mode to play in free fire, this Convoy Mode deals with cars when playing free fire. You only need to use your mobile or vehicle when playing this FF convoy crunch mode.

The more new modes in this game, the more challenged we are to try them. So we all have a new mode called Convoy Crunch, where in this mode we can also get other cool contents and features later. Of course this will be a fun mode, for us to try after arriving on the Original server later too.

Maybe for those of you who don’t know what the new mode means, so you could say that in this mode we have to keep and push all cars to their destination. So you could say that this new mode is similar to Payload Mode. This car has HP and it can be reduced, of course, if it is attacked by an enemy later, of course.

Surely you need another explanation, of course this mode. So let’s just look at it carefully, in the latest explanation below.

  1. Cars From Convoy Crunch

The car used in the Latest Convoy Crunch Free Fire Mode is a Monster Truck, you will be divided into 2 teams. The defensive team and the attacking team, the tasks of these two teams are of course different. So for the team that carried out the attack, it had to be able to destroy the car. The point of damage of this convoy car is the tires and the body of the car.

For example, if you are a defensive team, try to always protect the car. You can also repair the car later, so that it doesn’t get destroyed quickly. You have to protect it until you reach the nearest point, so that later you can win.

  1. Latest Convoy Crunch Free Fire Mode Equipment

In the latest Convoy Crunch Free Fire Mode too, we all have a lot of combat equipment that is quite strong. It is useful for those of us who will defend or attack, so you can choose and try it is quite good and useful in this mode.

  1. Fashion Goals And How To Win

In the Latest Convoy Crunch Free Fire Mode, we have to deploy the car to several points to the last point. Those of us who survive must be able to make this car move, then repair the car if it is damaged, for example. If all of you who survive make it to the last point, then your team will win immediately.

But for those who become Attackers in the latest Convoy Crunch FF Mode, you must be able to make the car fail to reach the Point. Those of you in this section can also destroy the car to win. Try to always be able to give big damage to the car later.

So, therefore, you can choose between the two teams. Choose to protect the free fire monster truck car or become an attacker to thwart this mode.

The latest Convoy Crunch Free Fire mode will indeed come to the Original server, but it is still being tested on the July advanced ff server. So those of you who want to try this new mode, can just try and play. Because in this advanced server, Convoy Crunch mode can be played. That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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