Cosplay Makes Me More Open

In order not to get bored discussing the profile of ‘sticks’, aka the guys who continue to fill the world of esports, let’s freshen our eyes for a moment together. Milokuma AKA Mimi Matsumori… ?

After a while ago I was disturb it Clara Mongstar, this time I chatted with one of the girls who became brand ambassador (BA) 2 well-known gaming brands, Logitech and Acer Predator.

So without further ado, this is our ‘curcol’ session.

Image Courtesy: Milokuma

How could the story be BA?

“Back then I was still in college and thesis, but one day a friend invited him to the event to take part in a singing competition. But because I used to be an introvert and had stage fright, singing would turn out to be fals. That’s why I only participated in the cosplay and at that time I even borrowed a friend’s costume. ” Mimi’s story.

From this hobby of cosplay, Mimi also shared that she got her first job as a cosplayer for Sony at that time launching one of their films, Hotel Transylvania 2. At that time, he confessed cosplay so Mavis.

Image Courtesy: Milokuma

“Actually, I’ve always liked playing games, but not many people know it because I play games console. So because of that cosplay, followers I go up fast; from 2000 followers so 3000, 4000, and so on, “said Mimi excitedly.

Apart from giving it a lot followers, Mimi admitted that cosplay activities are more than that. Because with cosplay, he became more daring to express himself. Previously, he was an introvert, so he dared to open up because of cosplay.

“Then, suddenly TEAMnxl> also offered to me to be their BA. At that time, I was still posting about games and it had positive results because suddenly Netmarble Indonesia then contacted and invited me to be their game streamer for Seven Knights. ” He continued.

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Since then, he admits that his activities for cosplay have been reduced. After the contract period with nxl> was over, Mimi also received an offer from Logitech. Mimi also added that the beginning of his career all started from 2015.

So what is BA actually doing?

“A lot. For me, I have to create content (videos and photos). There’s no way to be BA as good as your forehead. ” Mimi said laughing.

He further explained that he could not create content carelessly. “For example, in Acer there is also an agency called Bounche who will give it approval what kind of content can be posted and captionwhat it looks like. If not, pleasepost, yes in-hold past.”

He also admitted that he learned and was given training on how to speak and in product knowledge.

Image Courtesy: Milokuma

Mimi also shared, “For example, when I first became BA Acer, I met someone who usually explained the product and I was like taking a class. So really explained and given knowledge. Being taught how to speak properly in order to maintain the brand that I represent. “

Apart from creating content, Mimi is also obliged to come to events from the brands she represents. “The brand held an event but the BA didn’t even come.” The joke.

The plus and minus of being BA?

“Because I like this job, I don’t think there are pluses and minuses. Incidentally, I also have a talent for video editing. But, if there is something that is the most difficult it might be time. Moreover, video editing takes time. ” Milokuma replied.

The reason is, apart from the 2 brands that officially appointed him as BA, Mimi also has many other clients. So, the challenge he feels is a matter of how to divide time between one client and another client.

Image Courtesy: Milokuma

For those who want to become a BA, what should be learned first?

“What is it…? I mostly look for brands … But maybe at first I have to be able to manage our social media, huh. ” The answer.

Does that mean you have to have a lot of followers first? Ask me.

“It doesn’t have to be big first anyway. Time used to be early followers also still a few thousand. Maybe it’s more about what kind of content you want to aim for. So if you want to enter the world of gaming, make various related content. “

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But doesn’t the number of followers also determine the price? I continued.

“Yes, but we have to start small first. I also didn’t get paid before but because I did enjoyed yes, just enjoy it. ” The story is still full of enthusiasm.

What are the future plans? Will you be a BA in the future?

“For this game, it’s just just fun. I don’t really intend to make money here anyway. Especially if you think ahead and already married those who need more funds, cannot seek funding from here and must have their own business. ” Mimi said seriously.

He also admitted that there were many plans for what it would be like. “But yes it will be. Look at the future like what. There are no plans for that right now married“He concluded with a smile.

Huh guys! Your chances are still wide open! Wkawkawkkawkaw …

That was our brief chat with Milokuma. For those of you who haven’t follow Instagram or subscribe Go to YouTube, don’t forget to play here:

Thanks Mimi for the ‘curcol’ session! Good luck with you … ?