Criticism Kyle, AdmiralBulldog: Stupid Comments and Lack of Information

Some of the world’s famous commentators have pinned the scathing comments, one of which is Kyle Freedman or Melonzz. The former compLexity Gaming retainer got a job as a commentator at the WePlay! Pushka League.

Then, lots of META and unusual games and strategies were presented at the event. There was one moment when Zayac used Techies in a match against Team Liquid at the WePlay event! Pushka League.

Admiralbulldog criticizes Kyle
Source: WePlay!

The comments Kyle echoed were spicy and striking, you can read the full story here.

Then, AdmiralBulldog as the winner of The International 3 with Alliance gave his harsh opinion on Kyle. The Swedish-born youth responded with a very ‘blunt’ response.

Previously, Kyle gave his opinion about AdmiralBulldog and Gorgc who were ‘as quick as their forehead’ to stream Twitch by watching matches. Dota 2 organized by the organizers. Of course the audience will be separated and make the organizers stream platform empty of viewers.

Kyle also said that, at least the tournament organizers lost 30 to 40% of revenue due to their exclusive stream for streaming tournaments.

AdmiralBulldog replied on his Twitter account. But not yet a day after the tweet, AdmiralBulldog decided to delete it. Calm down, Mimin has it screenshotsits for those of you who are left behind, wow.

Admiralbulldog criticizes Kyle
Source: Twitter @admiralbulldog

Henrik Ahnberg considers that the hosting platform is unlikely to incur losses from streams of up to 40% and of course this is considered a stupid and ill-informed comment.

This chat has become a hot topic considering that Kyle does use his various scathing comments in every tournament he brings. Tobiwan also commented on this through the Reddit forum, along with his comments.

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Analyst and caster Dota 2 this one supports Henrik because Valve in its legal foundation frees the streaming platform freely as long as the content of the content is a product of Dota 2 belongs to Valve.

Source: Reddit

In other words, there is nothing to discuss because this has been labeled a legal action and does not violate the laws of Valve. Organizers understand this too and are still freeing multiple streaming platforms to watch from their favorite streamers, all for the sake of the community.

In your opinion, is Kyle overreacting or does there need to be special regulations in doing so stream tournament Dota 2 outside the official platform?