CS: GO Boosting services, what’s the point?

Just like Dota 2, CS: GO also has’Boosted players‘, and’Booster‘. To be clear, a Booster are people who play on someone else’s account to help that account reach a higher rank, usually in exchange for money.

The rise of boosting services may be because many players feel frustrated that they are not able to reach a higher rank, using boosting services as a solution. Boosting services themselves are often debated, as for the pros and cons.

The advantage may be that players who use boosting services will get a higher rank and also feel proud, usually with the aim of showing off rank to their friends. From the service provider side, they also get paid in kind, and it can be additional income. But the problem is the loss to other players who often meet players or opponents who are not balanced.


  1. Full Boost, the Boost service provider plays on the Boost buyer’s account, the service provider will ask for the ID & PW of the Boost buyer, and play ranked with that account.
  2. Party Boost, Booster and boost buyer will play together in a ranked match, Booster will help boost buyer to win that match.
  3. Full Match Method, this is a new method where the boost buyer will play with the 9 silent bots, so the boost buyer only has to kill the bot. This is a new method that unfortunately the valve hasn’t been repaired yet.
  4. Hack BoostThis type means that the booster uses an illegal hack / program in a ranked match

The following is an example of a boosting service in circulation under the name “Xero’s CS: GO Rank Boosting Service”. Service providers who are of course with a high enough rank play very easily on the buyer’s account.

Actually, boosting service is an activity that can be said to be a waste of money for buyers, but sometimes this service is still very much sought after by players who stuck at his very long rank and didn’t want to waste any more time.

On the side of ordinary players, if there is a booster on the enemy team, chances are that the team playing without the booster will lose, and the risk is to lose and rank down. As for the boosters, this is also a field of money for them. They can easily earn money because they have excellent skills.

Then What’s the Use of Boosting?

Matchmaking in CSGO has the function of bringing together players with equal skills to play. While the use of boosting will not have an increasing effect on player skills. Apart from that Booster will destroy the fun of other legitimate players who really want to play well.

But why would anyone use the Boost service? Of course, prestige, to show his friends, or maybe get out of his old rank. But if you buy a boost for a rank you can’t reach, what’s the point?

Rank can be obtained by winning, and you don’t need a penny to rank-up, In short, an effective way to rank-up in CSGO is to deepen the latest CSGO techniques, for example by watching tutorials on YouTube, watching professional player matches, or learning from your own mistakes, the point is Practice, Learn & Try again.

As we discussed earlier, Boosting will never die because of the high demand too.

What can Valve do with this boosting service?

What do you think about boosting rank in CSGO?