CS: GO Major in London, So First Time! Congratulations FACEIT! – RevivaLTV

Yesterday (22/2), Valve officially announced that the next Major CS: GO event will take place in London. And FACEIT will be the organizer who is trusted to take care of this grand event. Of course FACEIT’s appointment was not without reason.

FACEIT is a gaming tournament platform that has been established since 2011 and has won a lot of trust to be the “engine” of many organizers to hold the tournaments they have won. And finally, Valve gave FACEIT the opportunity to become organizer-his.

Later, FACEIT Major: London 2018 will be held on September 1-23 2018. Located at the SSE Arena in Wembley City, of course the Major tournament this time will be historic because this is the first time Valve has brought Major out of cities and countries that have subscribed.

sse wembley arena

With a large enough capacity, around 10,000 people will later witness who will become the champion for the Major for the first time in England. And USD 1 million, is the prizepool up for grabs, as always.

Also, according to the news, FACEIT looks like it will try to make a breakthrough by making a new viewing experience that is better and more informative for those who cannot watch at the venue.

An expression of happiness given by Michele Attisani, as Chief Business Officer too Co-Founder from FACEIT: ‚ÄúCommunity is at the heart of everything we do at FACEIT, and we are so grateful for all the support from the players on our platform and for those who come and watch ECS (Esports Championship Series). We are excited to make a great celebration of CS: GO as a way to honor existing commitments. We look forward to seeing all of you in September. “

Given that FACEIT is a tournament platform, of course all forms of competition from the start of qualification, namely the open qualifier to the grand finals, will be taken care of themselves. Of course, this puts some pressure on them, but FACEIT will definitely do their best. As a side note, FACEIT has a British center. So, it will be something big for them.

From a small platform with regular tournaments, to becoming a Major organizer. Have a good work, friends!