CS: GO Teams in Indonesia Currently in the Eyes of Wawamania, Caster CS: GO

Can not be denied scene CS: GO Indonesia is not as lively as other games due to the lack of existing tournaments. But make no mistake, they also helped make achievements for Indonesia, especially in the international arena.

Even there are 2 Indonesian players who have career abroad, xccurate and BnTeT who is currently a player TyLoo, a team from China. Of course it is interesting considering that there are rarely Indonesian players who can become players abroad.

Besides that lately, CS: GO Indonesia has made substitutions and has even recruited foreign players to strengthen rooster.

Wawamania (Middle above) with Akara
Source: Wawamania Fanpage

This time I tried to ask questions together caster CS: GO and also streamer that is Arwanto Tanumiharja or familiarly called Wawamania to ask about the condition of the team CS: GO Indonesia today and the cause for the lack of tournaments CS: GO in Indonesia

Substitution of Indonesian team players such as Recca Esports, TEAMnxl>, DDS, XcN according to him, to increase competition which is a selling point.

Roseau is currently the IGL for Recca Esports

From Recca Esports, with the release of xccurate to TyLoo and the entry of m1rskie, according to him, it has increased attack power. entry Recca. In addition, Roseau was promoted as an in-game leader.

According to him, 3 players Recca (Roseau, Sys, and FrostMisty) have been playing long enough to be a distinct advantage. “But in addition Eeyore and M1rskie, still needed chemistry which they still need to find “he said.

According to him, the various SEA tournaments that have been run by Recca have not shown their best performance when they still have BnTeT and xccurate.

DDS Esports is a team whose players have played for a long time. Coupled with presence tsukamoto with Areel from Malaysia, this seems to be able to bridge the current old players, namely vostok and fuirix. Even though in the last update AdrnKing decided to leave the team and join together XCN replace Scrin.

Source: DDS Esports Fanpage

“But sometimes they play inconsistently, aim-aim them in the final match sometimes it just disappears like what happened in the Eblue final in Surabaya. DDS still takes time to develop chemistry ” he said about performance DDS Esports.

Source: XCN Gaming Fanpage

XcN contains two former players Aerowolf, 2 former Akara players, and one player outside India. “This team is rarely seen but they haven’t got it yet chemistry they got “he said. “We’ll see how far they can develop if there is a SEA level tournament,” he added

nxl Marlo Ernesto contract
Documentation: TEAMnxl>

TEAMnxl> according to him the most attractive for matters of transfer by recruiting Ernesto as their new player. “The entry Ernesto of course it will give it an injection of morale and power aim which is very big, “he said.

BOOM.ID be a team that doesn’t replace roosterat all. “With rooster for a long time, I think now they are a very dangerous team and can even be very dominant.

Their last defeat was at the local level during the ROG Masters Jakarta during the semifinal against Recca Esports. In early 2018, they won first place in the Eblue Surabaya tournament and managed to qualify for Dreamhack Marseille.

But still, according to him, all teams with new members need it chemistry in order to get peak performance for their team. “In essence, the team change in all Indonesian teams is very good on a national scale,” he said. “Because the champion is not dominated by one team like the heyday TEAMnxl> or Recca Esports“He added.

How to xccurate that was sent to TyLoo? According to him, this is a good step for him CS: GO Indonesia. “Let it be BnTeT and xccurate become a benchmark for Indonesian players who want to become professional players, “he said.

According to him, it is not enough to be a pro player but to win in tournaments rookie. The mentality of Indonesian players that was lacking made many teams decide to disband.

According to him, the Indonesian team in the international arena can compete because the teams formed are going through the stages of going international. “Examples exist BOOM.ID who can become one of the teams CS: GO nationals who are now starting to compete internationally, “he said.

Of course we expect all esports branches in Indonesia, including CS: GO can provide a proud achievement at the same time with it BnTeT and xccurate who until now have played abroad can motivate other Indonesian esports players to dare to have a career outside.