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We all know that Team Secret participates in the Perfect World Master. As a team that gets direct invite, Team Secret certainly prepares the team as well as possible. Moreover, this tournament is also part of the Dota Pro Circuit which is of course fighting for points as a step towards The International 2018.

Unfortunately, this time, Team Secret had to lose one of its staff, MidOne for personal reasons. This decision certainly makes Team Secret have to find the best replacement. A possible local midlaner to assist this team. And the choice fell on a Cty, the midlaner of the EHOME team.

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The problem has not been resolved because the language barrier is of course a problem in itself. Many people already understand that many Chinese players don’t understand English, for example, they use a lot of translators during interviews.

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And this obstacle was immediately discussed by both parties and a decision was made that the chat wheel was the best tool.

Unexpected facilities will be so beneficial at a time like this. Chat wheel is indeed a good facility, it contains many choices, starting from those of you who play as core or support, you can adjust it at will. In addition, even though we use English on our DOTA 2 client, our friend will see it according to the language he chooses. In this case Cty and Team Secret will communicate well.

cty on nanyang championship

Like the one in this video, Cty, who is doing farm alone, then gets command to smoke gank. And Cty immediately teleported, gathered with his teammates and immediately smoked gank. Thank you Valve for making the chat wheel visible on the spectator now.

It’s worth waiting for what Team Secret’s performance will be like in this tournament with Cty’s rock, and the Chat Wheel too, of course. Do you believe Team Secret will gain glory this time?