DAMWON Gaming Beats Suning in Thrilling Worlds 2020 Final!

DAMWON Gaming Beats Suning in Thrilling Worlds 2020 Final!

This Worlds 2020 is one of the best LoL Worlds fans may have seen. Certainly the Final did not disappoint many spectators.

In this final, since 2014, there has not been a meeting between the Korean and Chinese teams in the Worlds final. Additionally, the LCK (Korea) representatives have not won the World Cup since 2017, when Samsung Galaxy lifted the Summoners Cup.

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That was, of course, until this time, when DAMWON Gaming (DWG) sealed victory in a decisive way over the Suning team that was tougher than many expected.

Suning played with heart and muscle throughout the last four matches today.

The tone of this series is preset. Suning chose such an unusual pick Wukong, Fiora and Rengar to play in an aggressive, combat-focused style.

While DWG insists on winning through gameplay that focuses on objectivity, Suning shows that they will bring the battle to the side.

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And at many points in the series, this game produced many surprising moments for the third seed of LPL (China). Suning players like SofM and Bin, recorded the first pentakill on the Worlds final stage. They were also able to stand out for Suning thanks to their aggressive play.

But even so, the DWG control map was too difficult for Suning to handle during the finals. The first match of the night saw the DWG dominate Suning within 45 minutes, the longest match in the tournament, which saw three barons and six dragons (including two elder dragons) taken on by either side.

In the second game, Suning was able to equalize 1-1 to give hope to this LPL team.

The third and fourth games featured these LCK champions to make a lethal combination of precision and extremely methodical gameplay. In the end it resulted in two championship-defining wins for them and also this season at the end.

When the series ended, DWG relied on large contributions from players like Ghost and Nuguri as the team changed its style of play to focus more on teamfighting in response to Suning’s aggression.

DWG shows us all why they are the best team in the world. They were able to retaliate and match Suning’s timfighting ability in the night’s final match, closing the year’s final contest with a final score of 24-7.

With today’s results, DAMWON Gaming has reached the pinnacle of the League of Legends scene while returning LCK to the pinnacle of the professional world.

The 2020 Worlds final marks Korea’s first title in three years and the region’s sixth all-time title.

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