Danish PM Supports Live Astralis at BLAST Pro Series, What about Indonesia?

If we mention the words government and esports, what do you think? This time the author brings these 2 words which are quite difficult to put together, especially in this beloved country. The reason is, esports has only just begun to be glimpsed by the Indonesian government, especially the Ministry of Youth and Sports through the IeSPA body.

However, what happens if the number one person in a country comes to the esports event and supports it directly? Yup, this is what happened in Denmark.

On last Saturday (3/11), the event BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2018 horrified by the arrival Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

Lars Løkke Rasmussen opened the Astralis vs Natus Vincere match with his remarks. Source: BLAST.

Lars began serving as Prime Minister of Denmark in 2015. On his occasion at the BLAST Pro Series, he addressed the 12,000 visitors to the Royal Arena stadium, in Copenhagen. He said that esports athletes are true sportsmen.

The following is a 4-minute video containing remarks from the Danish Prime Minister:

Lars emphasized that esports athletes are real athletes, the same as athletes in general. “You are the pioneer of esports,” he said.

The BLAST Pro Series is one of the largest esports events held on Danish soil. Maybe it was one of Lars’s considerations to take time to watch the final match Astralist Danish origin cons Natus Vincere from Ukraine.

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Apart from his remarks, he also took the time to meet all the players who competed in this event, and had brief discussions with them. Not to forget, they also captured the moment.

The six teams competing took pictures with the number 1 person in Denmark. Source: BLAST.

So, what about Indonesia?

In my opinion, esports in Indonesia is no longer underestimated by the government. Different from Indonesian esports a few years ago, which is far from being looked at. Currently, the government has seen many concrete examples of Indonesian esports.

Documentation: Muhammad Thirafi Sidha / RevivalTV

Not long ago, one of Unipin’s major events was entitled Southeast Asia Cyber ​​Arena (SEACA) 2018 also invite Minister of Communication and Informatics, Rudiantara.

Even before, President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo planned to attend this event. However, he was unable to attend and only left messages for Indonesian gamers.

The chairman of the MPR takes a group photo at the 2018 MPL. Source: Tribun.

This is not the first time Rudiantara has attended an esports event. Previously, he also came MSC 2018 at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta. Apart from Rudiantara, Chairman of the MPR, Zulkifli Hasan also took the time to attend the event MPL Season 1, at Taman Anggrek, Jakarta.

There are many other examples that I cannot mention one by one. However, I can conclude that esports in Indonesia has grown very rapidly, and cannot be separated from government assistance.

All of this is also thanks to the Indonesian esports agency, IeSPA who have brought executives to glance at this realm.

Esports at the MPR Building. Source: GGWP.

How is the Indonesian Government’s support for esports?

The more fluent it is, it might be the right word to describe a situation like the one mentioned above. If we return to basic science, Indonesia has more than 262 million people.

According to Kemkoinfo, half of Indonesia’s population has been able to access the internet or operate technology. And game lovers in Indonesia comply Tech In Asia has reached the numbers 43.7 million in 2017.

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The high number of game lovers in Indonesia could be the forerunner of a very large esports arena in Indonesia.

With such a large number of users, the economy is increasingly swift for esports. Investors are starting to invest in Indonesian esports. However, is that all enough? Certainly not.

The government needs to go directly to supervise and oversee the running of esports as well as traditional sports. The government can be the guarantor so that foreign investors will increasingly believe in the potential of esports in Indonesia.

And what will the Government get? Of course not a little. Starting from the tourism sector, with the holding of esports competitions in the country, it can increase foreign exchange from abroad.

esports asian games athletes
The ranks of the Indonesian Esports National Team players and staff at the 2018 Asian Games when they won an award from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Source: IESPA

As for the economic sector, if the government succeeds in helping foreign esports investors enter Indonesia, esports can open up a huge number of jobs.

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The reason is, almost all fields of work can be correlated with esports. New job opportunities will increase, and of course help the government in its mission of overcoming poverty.

Even though Indonesian esports needs a touch more from the government, that doesn’t mean we have to delegate all of these tasks to the government. We also need to get involved directly in making the nation proud through esports, according to the field we are in.

Edited by Yubian A. Huda