DarkZero Esports Acquired Roster Rainbow Six Siege from SK Gaming

If you are an esports activist, of course you are familiar with the big team from Germany, namely SK Gaming.

The team that has many achievements from various branches of this game recently released several teams, among others R6S and CS: GO

It is known for having many game divisions, but this time bad news came from a team that has a black logo. They have officially released the division Rainbow Six Siegeand changed hands to the lap of the new team, DarkZero Esports.

Source: SK Gaming

DarkZero Esports itself is a new esports team from the United States and only has one division, namely Rainbow Six Siege.

In press release However, DarkZero would like to thank SK Gaming for the smooth running of the process transfer, they hope that in the future the two teams will increase their achievements.

“Thanks to SK Gaming, Ubisoft and ESL for working with us towards a smooth transition,” added CEO Zach. “The DPZ” Matula.

Talking about the achievements of this team itself, during their time with SK Gaming they managed to become 3rd place in the NA R6 Pro League tournament.

Their first debut as DarkZero will start at the Pro League Season 9 – North America tournament, where their first opponent will be the Rise team.

By changing hands rooster to DarkZero Esports. The following is the composition of the Rainbow Six Siege roster from the American esports team:

  • Kyle “Mint” Lanmder (Captain)
  • Owen “Pojoman” Mitura
  • Matthew “Hotancold” Stevens
  • Sam “Jarvis” Jarvis
  • Zachary “Nyx” Thomas
  • Jordan “BKN” Soojian (Coach)
  • Brandon “BC” Carr (Coach)


In his statement, the captain also gave his words to the SK gaming team management and to the fans.

“We want to thank SK and the fans for supporting us and placing us under its auspices.

We enjoyed our time and hope we can maintain that support going into next season under the new organization. “


With the launch Rainbow Six Pilot Program, Ubisoft has introduced many improvements over the past year and continues to do so.

We are sure they will continue to raise esports Rainbow Six and excited to see the game’s further growth.

We certainly hope that by being under the auspices of the new team, they can give their best performance and of course more achievements in the future.

Edited by Yubian A. Huda