Decide Solid, Alliance Present Without Substitution of Dota 2 Roster!

One of the teams that won The International, to be precise in 2013, namely Alliance decided to maintain the roster Dota 2 they.

Alliance, whose name had disappeared in recent years, has started to re-emerge during the season Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2018-2019.

What’s more, Alliance has successfully returned to be a participant in the annual grand event Dota 2, namely The International after not having progressed in its performance.

Drawing results for Alliance The International 2019
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Announcement of no replacement rooster Dota 2 delivered directly by co-owner Alliance, namely Kelly Ong through tweeted his personal twitter.

The wife of the Alliance coach, that is Loda, informing that the Alliance will not replace their players after The International 2019.

Even though we know for ourselves, that Alliance’s performance at The International 2019 is not very good. They have to drop out at 13-16 at TI9.

With this information from Kelly Ong, of course, will answer some of the rumors that have hit the Alliance regarding the change rooster they.

One of them is replacing mid laner them, that is qojqva because he was considered to be performing badly during The International 2019 which was held in Shanghai, China.

It was a decision to defend rooster Alliance raises pros and cons, but keep in mind that rooster The Alliance is currently still in its infancy and has great potential.

Insania Alliance
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This is even more so considering that the big factor in the Alliance’s demise was a mistake draft from the captain (iNSaNiA). Even with mistakes draft the Alliance is still playing very well.

So according to Revival’s friend, is there no replacement? rooster in the body of this Alliance is the right move?