Defeat Kongdoo Uncia, Envy Us Get Grand Final Slot – OGN Apex Overwatch Season 1

The match was quite long in the last semifinal of OGN Apex Overwatch Season 1 between Kongdoo Uncia (Korea) against EnVyUs (United States mix Europe). The match runs in the Best of 5 format where EnVyUs first reaches a score of 2, while Kongdoo Uncia only gets 1 win.

2016-11-25-19_37_52-ogn-intel-overwatch-apex-season1 -_- semi-finals-envyus-vs-kongdoo-uncia-yout

However, in the 4th game Kongdoo Uncia again showed their excellent teamwork, with the Route 66 map. Even though they only got 2 points during the attack, they managed to defend very well, not even giving EnVyUs a single point. With the victory in game 4, Kongdoo Uncia managed to force his opponent to advance to the decisive game, game 5.

2016-11-25-19_47_43-ogn-intel-overwatch-apex-season1 -_- semi-finals-envyus-vs-kongdoo-uncia-yout

Game 5 starts with a new map, Eichenwalde. EnVyUs who got their first attack turn, returned to using the 3 tank combo where Taimo used Roadhog as his Damage Dealer. EnVyUs efforts are quite smooth for attack, thanks to good cooperation plus Mickie who is onfire using Dva.

2016-11-25-19_56_29-ogn-intel-overwatch-apex-season1 -_- semi-finals-envyus-vs-kongdoo-uncia-yout

Meanwhile, when it was Kongdoo Uncia’s turn to attack, they looked quite difficult, even to take the first point they only left 1 minute more, and it seemed it would be more and more difficult to take the second point. Kongdoo Uncia looks really difficult, the position of Harryhook who uses Soldier 75 is quite difficult to reach, so that Harryhook gets several free hits. Gamepun ended with Earthshatter from Cocco who managed to hit 5 heroes during Overtime.

2016-11-25-20_04_00-ogn-intel-overwatch-apex-season1 -_- semi-finals-envyus-vs-kongdoo-uncia-yout

With this victory, EnVyUs managed to win 3-2 from Kongdoo Uncia and advance to the Grand Final, where they will later fight AF.Blue, who is also a team from Korea. Even though EnVyUs is in a disadvantage because they are forced to use Standin because Talespin chose to leave the roster for personal reasons.

Look forward to the Grand Final match – OGN Apex Overwatch Season 1, December 3 – 15.00 WIB. Linkstream: (