Defeat ONIC Mobile Legends in MPL Season 4

The prestigious MPL Season 4 event has finally started to enter week 7 and many teams have won. However, this week, the ONIC team, which won the title last season, won the ONIC Mobile Legends defeat in MPL Season 4 because they lost 4 times in a row.

On the 7th week, the ONIC team must face off against AURA who are exactly 1 position above them. The game started with a fast tempo on the mid lane, even though they managed to steal AURA’s buff, unfortunately ONIC had to receive First Blood from AURA. Maybe as a reward for taking their buff.

Defeat ONIC Mobile Legends in MPL Season 4

At first, ONIC was really expected to get up, but unfortunately they are getting drowned because they got First Blood from AURA. Instead of wanting to overtake AURA and win, they were in the first match against AURA. The first round match of ONIC vs AURA finished with the final score of defeat by ONIC, namely 1-14 and did not manage to get 1 turret belonging to AURA.

Entering half-time for the second game, ONIC tried to be able to provide even harder resistance against AURA. Although the bottom turret was once destroyed by AURA, the ONIC team managed to restore the situation by destroying 2 of AURA’s turrets.

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However, bad luck still befell the ONIC team after they failed to get the first Lord and were instead hit by a Wipe Out. The second lord is one of the things that frightens ONIC after successfully entering the base. Finally, ONIC’s defeat happened again and the match ended with a score of 11-21.

Defeat ONIC Mobile Legends in succession

The last match on the third day was a very important match after suffering a crushing defeat on the first day. However, unfortunately in the first round they had to lose again after being conquered by the Brigetron team with a score of 3 -15. Again, Drian and his friends played pretty badly by only producing 1 turret and 3 kills.

The best of all things considered, this article was originally published in Indonesian language.

The team, which is identical with yellow, tried to change its formation by bringing in Udil in the second half. However, these efforts have not succeeded in winning the match, even though ONIC has scored 16-10.
The best of all things considered, this article was originally published in Indonesian language.

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With these bad results enough, ONIC must allow himself to be thrown and displaced to rank 6. If they continue to perform like this, they must be ready to start the fight from the lower bracket in the grand final later.

Mobile Legends in MPL Season 4

In your opinion, was the ONIC team’s performance that disappointing? What about the supporters of this Hedgehog team? Continue to support your team so that they can really rise from this crushing defeat and win with satisfying results.

It is reported that the performance and strategy of the ONIC team are now starting to be predictable quite easily, maybe that is what caused them to become and display quite a lack of performance in this MPL Season 4. Even so, keep supporting your team so that they can rise up and rock MPL Season 4 with victories even though there are not too many.