Defeating Vexed, Epsilon eSports Wins ESL UK Premiership Spring Finals

Apart from the championship that shows the excitement at the international level, the realm CS: GO also colored by the teams that participated in several events in the region.

Epsilon eSports, which won the ESL UK Premiership Spring Finals championship, is a tournament that is quite a feast for the eyes of esports activists CS: GO.

Before the DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 on April 18-22 2018, it felt like this event could be an ‘appetizer’.

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Tournaments held at ESL UK Studios, Leicester it presents the final match between Epsilon eSports against Vexed.

They are the top two teams that have managed to secure at least the top two positions in the UK regional event.

ESL UK Premiership Spring final. Source: ESL UK

They will compete with the format best-of-five (Bo5) in the top match broadcast by ESL UK. Every team that competes at least has the requirements to be a team from Great Britain. That’s the reason for top teams CS: GO who used to be in international tournaments did not attend the event.

Epsilon eSports reached the final match after defeating the XENEX semi-finalists. Meanwhile, Vexed managed to secure a ticket to the final match after crushing Radix Esports’ resistance.

ESL UK Premiership Spring. Source: ESL UK

The first match starts with a selection folder Inferno. The two teams responded to each other at the start of the match with tears gap a relatively small score. However, Epsilon dominated until the first half with a score of 10-5.

Momentum continues, Tero’s side is the mainstay Owen “smooya” Butterfield and friends. By only giving 4 points to Vexed, Epsilon eSports finished the first game with a final score of 16-9. 1-0 for Epsilon.

Towards the next match, Mirage becomes folder next at the ESK UK Premiership final. Epsilon, who led the first match, appeared to be impressive by giving a score of 10-5, as on the previous map.

The second half became Vexed’s nightmare, by only getting 1 point, they had to give up the second game. Effort Pickles in bomb site B ended in vain with headshot kill from a player from Greece, Konstantinos “tsack” Theodoropoulos.

With a 2 point advantage, Epsilon only needs one win to secure their title. Of course, Vexed put up a significant amount of resistance by scoring a fierce 8-7 result in the first half.

Both teams appear all-out by increasing the score through clutch for the sake of clutch. However, the chances of winning that have been shown by Epsilon eSports since the first game have continued to produce positive results.

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Even though they only gave a difference of 1 score in the first half, they only gave 4 scores in the second half.

Oscar “ozzy” Scott must be the final victim at the event. The English-born player had to lose in the 1v3 position folder Train. Shots from Jake “Boaster” Howlett also closed the match by ensuring a 3-0 victory for the Epsilon eSports team.

Epsilon managed to become a champion UK ESL Premiership Spring Finals. Regardless of Vexed’s defeat, they have the right to equalize the slots on the title ESEA MDL Season 28. This is because Epsilon himself has topped the league standings.

Epsilon eSports lifted the ESL UK Premiership Spring trophy. Source: ESL UK

With amazing results, Epsilon is entitled to a grand prize of US $ 5,750. The following is the distribution of the final standings and the allocation of prizes from the event:

1. Epsilon eSports – US $ 5,750

2. Vexed – US $ 3,300

3-4. XENEX – US $ 1,410

3-4. Radix Esports – US $ 1,410

Edited by Jabez Elijah