Defending Na’Vi, Astralists Successfully Won the FACEIT Major: London 2018!

Astralist has won FACEIT Major: London 2018 after dealing with Natus Vincere after winning at 2 folder first with a score 16-6 (Nuke), and 16-9 (Overpass). They also brought home the same amount of money at once US $ 500,000 or thereabouts 7.4 billion Rupiah!

The Danish team’s victory started on folder first, Nuke. Astralis starts on the T side, while NaVi starts on the CT side.

Although folder this is included in the folder CT, Astralis were able to outperform their opponents thanks to their victory in the first round of pistols, so that their momentum continued.

In the 13th round, electronic can overthrow all three Astralis players through clutchher on B site. His intelligence led his team to win the round. But until the end first half, NaVi did not fight back so that the score became 11-4 over the Danish team’s advantage.

Direct Invite Close Qualifier Team at CORSAIR DreamLeague Season 10

On second half, NaVi managed to add its breath to survive in this first map. But after that round, Astralis responded with their win in the second round.

Astralis continued his winning momentum with defend strong in both bombsiteher, make them secure folder first with a score 16-6.

Folder second, that is Overpass starting with Astralis on CT-side, and NaVi on T-side. With Astralis winning in the first gun round, they secured the first 4 points.

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However, NaVi managed to get back up with their victory in round 5. Since then the two teams continued to fight for points, until they closed first half with a score of 9-6 over the Astralis advantage.

In T-side, Astralis shows dominance with 5 consecutive winning points. Even though Na’Vi tried to keep them down, Astralis solidly closed the second game with a score 16-9 and simultaneously won the FACEIT Major: London 2018. Their second title after ELEAGUE Major.

On folder these two, the IGL, gla1ve lead scoreboard with K / D 21/13 at rating 1.38. This sight was quite rare, even their star players, device no need to lead his team, and sit pretty in the position bottom frag.

If you want to see the match the grand final it’s back, you can see it here for folder Nuke, and here for folder Overpass.

This time the cup was held for the first time by the newest Astralist member, Magisk. Even though Magisk was kicked by North, Astralis saw his potential and brought him in to replace him Kjaerbye. Until finally it paid off with their second major victory with Magisk.

On their way to this event, they only lost the match against Liquid, with a score of 15-19, and lost quite narrowly against NiP with a score of 26-28 through the round. overtime.

It could almost be said that in order to win against the best Danish team, the opposing team had to bring match up to the round overtime.

Apart from that, HLTV also voted device as a medal holder MVP at the FACEIT Major: London 2018. This medal will be the third medal he has won this year. Device registers rating did well in 8 of his 10 games in this major.

Dev1ce as Most Valuable Player (MVP) FACEIT Major: London 2018. Source: HLTV

Congratulations to the 16 teams who have fought in the major this time. With this, the results of these 16 major teams are as follows:

1 Astralist – US $ 500,000 + Legend status
2. Natus Vincere – US $ 150,000 + Legend status
3-4. Team Liquid, MIBR – US $ 70,000 + Legend status
5-8. FaZe Clan, compLexity Gaming, BIG, HellRaisers – US $ 35,000 + Legend status
9-11. Ninjas in Pajamas, G2 Esports, fnatic, – US $ 8,750 + New Challenger status
12-14. Vega Squadron, TyLoo, Cloud9 – US $ 8,750 + New Challenger status
15-16. mousesports, Winstrike Team – US $ 8,750

Source: FACEIT

Edited by Yubian A. Huda