Dendi Takes Over the Position of Midlane Vega Squadron as Standin

Hot news came again from the Vega Squadron team, not because the team disbanded the division Dota 2-his. But the presence of an idol figure Dota 2, Danil “Dendi“Ishutin who played as standin for the shark logo team during the BTS Summer Cup.

Dendi Standin for Vega Squadron. Source: Cybersports

BTS Summer Cup is an event organized by BeyondTheSummit where 14 teams will compete for tickets to the event main event DOTA Summit 9.

Vega Squadron is ready to play their first match after a poor performance in the qualifying round of The International 2018 a few days ago.

Even though it comes with status direct invite, Vega failed and had to occupy the bottom position with 2 wins and 5 defeats in the group stage.

BTS Summer Cup poster. Source: BTS

Then, Vega Squadron overhauled several of their pillars, including the player as well as the coach whose contract was terminated due to his poor performance in the qualifying round of The International 8. Vega Squadron’s position is being changed. rooster forcing them to look for standin players.

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And Dendi was present as one of the players who filled the bench standin during the BTS Summer Cup. This inevitably raises several hot issues raised by several related media.

Reporting from the official Natus Vincere website, Dendi was allowed to defend Vega Squadron only during the BTS Summer Cup. Dendi is still a player from Natus Vincere until there is a further official announcement.

Dendi Vega Squadron
Dendi Standin for Vega Squadron. Source: Natus Vincere

This moment has indeed become ‘trigger‘for esports activists Dota 2 after Dendi’s long remarks and comments by Natus Vincere CEO Yevhen Zolotarov regarding the lineup roster Dota 2 the Na’Vi team going forward

It was rumored that he would leave the team he had been defending since 2010, Dendi has indeed become a topic of conversation after the failure of the Na’Vi team to The International 8.

Dendi with Puppey. Source: Dota 2

Dendi will also play as standin together with Andrey “MagChipenko. The former Vega Squadron player will also play under the team’s blue flag in the Offlane position for the BTS Summer Cup.

However, there is no need to speculate long about Dendi’s move, but it would be nice if we enjoyed the action of the man who was born in Ukraine at the BTS Sumemr Cup which took place on 29 June-9 July 2018.

DOTA Summit 9. Source: BTS

Following roster Dota 2 Vega Squadron for the BTS Summer Cup:

  • Nikita “Palantimos“Grinkevich
  • Danil “DendiIshutin
  • Andrey “MagChipenko
  • Bakyt “Zayac“Emilzhanov
  • Semion “CemaTheSlayer“Krivulya

Vega Squadron and Dendi themselves lost their inaugural match against Gang Squad by a score of 2-1. It was a bad result for Dendi and his friends in the opening match.

For those of you who want to see the excitement of 14 teams Dota 2 from the European and CIS regions at the 2018 BTS Summer Cup. You can watch it via the following link.