Denial Esports Returns to CS: GO with ex-Roster Bravado Gaming!

Esports organization Denial Esports declare officially re-starting his journey in the realm Counter-Strike: Global Offensive after acquiring rooster from Bravado Gaming South African origin.

Denial Esports will attract 4 players plus a coach from Bravado Gaming for an unpublished transfer fee. They left 1 player on rooster Bravado Gaming.

Source: Denial Esports

For those who don’t know the background of this team, Bravado Gaming is a team from South Africa that has shown its prowess in the international arena, even being quite reliable against teams. tier 2 worlds.

In early 2018, the team announced that they would move to the United States to experience more and learn at the same time playstyle of the best players in America.

This of course earned a lot of praise from various parties. They named this move as “Project Destiny“.

However, the financial constraints for the Bravado Gaming team occurred at the end of 2018 where they opened campaign donations to try to stay in North America.

They do not have sufficient funding to keep all five of their players.

Suddenly this moved the hearts of professional players, some of whom were Dan “apEX“Madesclaire from Team Vitality, and Gabriel”FalleN“Toledo from MIBR.

They both help Bravado by performing stream on Twitch, and all donations of the day will go to the Bravado team.

After one month of this campaign being held, Bravado through his official Twitter account stated that he did not accept any more donations through his campaign.

They said they would provide more information in the next few days.

And finally the announcement came out on January 29, 2019. They took off their four players including coach-to the Denial Esports team.

Leaving Dimitri “Detrony“Hadjipaschali on the Bravado team which is owned by his own brother, Andreas”centHadjipaschali.

Project Destiny – Bravado Gaming officially ends on January 29, 2019. Source: ESL

They have officially changed organizations to Denial Esports, the American esports organization that has been crisscrossing the realm Counter-Strike: Global Offensive since 2013 ago.

Denial has given birth to many of the forerunners of America’s best players. They gave birth to several teams that we have known until now, some of these rosters are from iBUYPOWER, Team Liquid, and CLG.

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They already have several rooster in its history, including from the realm of the American continent and Europe, and this time they will try their luck with rooster from the continent of Africa.

Denial Esports decided to bring Peter “ptrGurney as stand-in for a while until they find their fifth player permanently.

ptr while still using the Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) jersey. Source: DotEsports

It is still unknown whether Denial will use this American AWPer in the long term or not.

It would be quite surprising if ptr became a permanent player from Denial Esports right?

Denial Esports logo. Source: Denial

During their time in the Project Destiny program, the team’s roster had achieved not-so-brilliant, but quite convincing results.

One of them is their victory on DreamHack Invitational Mumbai. They managed to beat Signify with a score of 2-1.

What do you think will continue from rooster this? Who will fill the position of the fifth player permanently?

Is it another South African or maybe American? Let’s wait for the sequel!

With this change, rooster from the team Denial Esports currently are as follows:

  • Aran “Sonic“Groesbeek
  • Rhys “FadeyArmstrong
  • Ruan “ELUSIVEVan Wyk
  • Johnny “JT“Theodosiou
  • Peter “ptrGurney (Stand-in)
  • Tiaan “Tc“Coertzen (Coach)
Editor: Yubian A. Huda