Devin Booker: I want reputation in this league as a winner

Devin Booker was the subject of conversation on Wednesday after winning a game against the Los Angeles Clippers to keep the Phoenix Suns’ record as one of the teams never to lose in an NBA bubble. Booker has been doing really well for the Suns ever since he made it to the team, but he’s struggled to make his squad win. Devin Booker also said that he wants his reputation in the league to be a winner.

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He’s trying to change that and even though he still needs help, Booker is doing everything he can to turn things around. After taking a game-winning shot in front of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, Booker explained that he was trying to change the way people saw him and saw his team. He wants to be known as a winner and not someone else.

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“Every game is a new opportunity for us to get better and we have the final goal in this team, he said. “I have personal goals for the team that I want to achieve. I want a reputation in this league as a winner. For five years, I haven’t gotten to that part of my career but I’m working really hard to get there.

“I feel we have a very good group of players to do it. A lot of people in this locker room are locked all the time and are approaching the game with the correct pattern and that’s all we can ask for. “

During the last minutes of the game as the game heats up, Booker takes it and scores a goal to keep his team afloat and earn them the win in the NBA bubble.

He won’t make the Suns the winning team this season, but he could make a lot more noise in the NBA bubble if he continues to play in his form.

The Suns know this player can do a lot for them and if they find the right place, Devin will take this team to the next level. It’s no wonder people see him as the 3rd best shooting guard in the league behind James Harden and Bradley Beal. It can also be seen when Booker has averaged 30.7 points since the game resumed in July.