Digital Chaos Recruits Animal Planet and Will Debut at GESC Indonesia

Digital Chaos is back! As an esports connoisseur Dota 2 you must know about the team Digital Chaos. The team, which was created in 2015, has started to follow the scene Dota 2 and get some achievements. Their best achievement is being Runner Up at The International 2016.

Their struggle at The International 2016 at that time deserved a thumbs up. The tournament was the Digital Chaos team’s biggest win, as they took home a prize pool of $ 3,300,000 + or the equivalent of 45.5 Billion Rupiah.

But Digital Chaos this time has changed drastically, even though there are actually a few player long time ago, the count was back in this team.

Long story short, after going through the TI6 period, this team got a lot of changes, not only from the roster but the ownership as well.

Especially after the initial discharge SUNSfan from Digital Chaos, even though he was one of the founders. This made Digital Chaos look messy and they even decided to completely overhaul it rooster and re-recruiting a new team that is Onyx Team.

Roster the new also managed to get spot at The International 2017 but sadly they didn’t get the results they wanted and fell in the top 9-12.

As usual, after The International finished several teams made some changes to the the roster, the same goes for Digital Chaos. Starting from the duo Korean Doto who pulled out to revive MVP Phoenix, then Abed who also pulled out, it didn’t take long after that Digital Chaos announced the disbandment of its team last November.

source, mason reddit

Now, Digital Chaos is back again, they announced that they have recruited the Animal Planet roster, the unique thing is that this roster contains two players who have previously been part of the Digital Chaos team, namely Aui_2000 and Moonmeander.

Based on the video above, we have seen the new CEO who has actually been in the world of esports since 2011. Plus manager new they ever become pro player, both of them were excited to announce rooster new Digital Chaos and will try to make the players play optimally.

Roster The new Digital Chaos will be making their first LAN debut on GESC Indonesia Minor which will start in less than a few days (15-18 March 2018). Goodluck Digital Chaos !.

Here is the latest Digital Chaos roster:

  • Ravindu ‘Ritsu’ Kodippili
  • Jonathan ‘Bryle’ De Guia
  • David ‘MoonMeander’ Tan
  • Kurtis ‘Aui_2000’ Ling
  • Stanley ‘Stan King’ Yang
Edited by Jabez Elijah