Disband, BOOM Esports Officially Releasing 2 Mobile Divisions!

BOOM Esports currently won 4th place in the StarLadder Minor S3 competition Dota 2. But let’s put that aside first because BOOM Esports made a surprising statement, namely doing disband in 2 divisions mobile.

Yes, BOOM Esports officially disbands the division Arena Of Valor and Call Of Duty: Mobile. This has been officially conveyed through the BOOM Esports social media. Surprisingly enough, BOOM Esports did it right away disband against 2 divisions mobile.

Source: Instagram BOOM Esports

Most likely there are several factors that made BOOM Esports do disband against division AoV and also Call Of Duty: Mobile. The most visible factor is division Call Of Duty: Mobile which is where BOOM Esports was ranked last in the Major Series Season 2 tournament.

Of course, this result is arguably bad for a team like BOOM Esports. Although 6fingers and xxgoy were former players CS: GO achievers but it looks like they haven’t been able to adapt to Call Of Duty: Mobile.

There is also a mention of the factors that caused the two divisions to be hit by disband because the competition was not good enough AoV and also Call Of Duty: Mobile.

For Arena Of Valor Many speculate that AoV’s competition is currently only fixated on ASL Season 4. Currently, it is esports AoV is very down.

Source: RevivalTV

The lack of competition might be one of the reasons BOOM Esports is doing this disband. Even Ahmad “Naitomea“BOOM Esports midlaner players have already sold their accounts Arena Of Valor and seems to be swerving in the footsteps of Susugajah, Phoenix, Binx, CW and Rasy.

Before BOOM Esports did disband the players AoV I was also confused because the ASL slot that should have belonged to BOOM Esports changed to Hertz. Finally it was answered already that several players AoV acquired by Hertz and slots ASL Season 4 is fully owned by Hertz.

Meanwhile, CL has been seen active several times with the CS: GO division. Quite surprising indeed disband conducted by BOOM Esports. Hopefully in the future these 2 divisions can be active again, friend Revival!

Editor: Yubian Asfar