Division of Groups and Explanation of PMWL 2020 League Play Phase!

Division of Groups and Explanation of PMWL 2020 League Play Phase! PUBG Mobile World League East 2020 (PMWL 2020) League Play will kick off on July 14, 2020 following the action-packed Opening Weekend. All 20 participating teams have been divided into five groups (A, B, C, D & E) based on the standings ranking of the Opening Weekend.

For the second phase of PMWL 2020, League Play will last until 2 August 2020, for the next 3 weeks. All teams will still be playing in this upcoming League Play. League Play itself also has 2 phases, namely League Weekend and Super Weekend.

PMWL 2020 League Play Group Division

(Klasmen Results for Opening Weekend PMWL 2020)

pmwl group 2020 league play

(How to Divide Groups for League Play)

Group a pmwl 2020 league play

group b pmwl 2020 league play

There is a giveaway contest with a prize of 1 million rupiah in game vouchers in the application!

group c pmwl 2020 league play

group d pmwl 2020 league play

group e

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About League Weekend and Super Weekend

As we have already told you, League Play is further divided into two phases, League Weekend and Super Weekend. 20 of these teams will play on League Weekend (Round Robin format) which will take place every week on tuesday and wednesday to get a chance to play on Super Weekend (Single Lobby format) which takes place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, that week.

Only 16 teams Best of the League Weekend results (Tuesday and Wednesday), will be able to play for the Super Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)! ONLY points found in 3 Super Weekend In the future, this will be used for the qualification of the last phase of PMWL 2020, namely PMWL 2020 East Finals. The best 16 teams from the Super Weekend results will enter the PMWL 2020 East Finals.

Those were the spinners for the group division and also the explanation about PMWL 2020 League Play which quite confused many people!

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