DJ Alok VS Kapella FF, Who is the Best Healing Support for Free Fire?

In the Free Fire game, there are various roles that you can apply to win the match. There are so many things you can do, one of which is by using a support character that can help your squad mates to maximize playing in the Free Fire game. This time the comparison of DJ Alok and Kapella characters who are Free Fire characters with the best healing skills.

Support is a role that can help other characters in the Free Fire game. He is the back line who has a free fire support role to help or heal fallen teammates.

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This time the comparison of DJ Alok and Kapella characters who are Free Fire characters with the best healing skills in the Free Fire game. Both of them have quite similar skills and are very good for occupying support roles.

DJ Alok Free Fire

The DJ Alok FF character is used by a pro player, why?

DJ Alok is one of the most popular characters in the Free Fire game. This character is inspired by a DJ who comes from Brazil and makes the character as similar as possible to the DJ.

DJ Alok’s ability is to have running speed and being able to heal teammates in his area. With this ability, he is included in the best support that can easily add his own cellphone and team’s HP when fighting in the Free Fire game.

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Kapella Free Fire characters

New Character of Kappela Cantik Free Fire

Kapella is the newest character in the Free Fire Game. This character is very unique and has healing skills like DJ Alok. The abilities of these two characters are quite similar, namely being able to heal other teammates.

Kapella’s special ability increases the Free Fire items, namely the healing medic kit and tretament gun. In addition, when he dies Kapella will give a buff to his teammates in the form of reducing damage from enemy attacks. This ability will increase with the level of Kapella.

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Who is the Best Free Fire Healing Support Skill?

As a character with fairly similar skills. These two characters can make your team when playing on Free Fire very well. To help both teammates have the best ability.

But if you have one we chose Kapella who is a support character with the best healing abilities in the Free Fire game.

These two characters are very good when combined, with these skills being able to make your team very tough with lots of HP. DJ Alok has healing skills while Kapella is the same.

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But the difference lies in the buff skill after Kapella is defeated by a teammate, you will get a damage reduction buff from the enemy. This skill is what distinguishes these two characters.

So that’s the comparison between DJ Alok and Kapella characters who have quite the same support skills, but there are differences that make them very good at healing in the Free Fire game. Greetings booyah!