‘Do not be fixated on with Economics, Law, Social and Political Departments only; Why Don’t We Make an Esports Department, ‘said President Jokowi

Jokowi wants varied majors such as esports to be included in the school curriculum, because Jokowi thinks that currently vocational education in Indonesia is too monotonous and has not changed at all over the last decades.

Reported by Tempo.co, Jokowi made the statement during his opening speech at the Pasanggirinas event and the 2017 ASAD National Silat Championship in East Jakarta.

“Why don’t we make a megatronics major, a logistics major, a retail department, an animation department, or even an e-sport department,” said President Joko Widodo.

“I always convey to the Minister of Research and Technology, the Chancellor when we meet that we shouldn’t just be fixated on the economics, law, sospol majors. I asked to build the majors needed at this time, “added Jokowi.

One of the esports tournaments in Indonesia with a grand prize of 1 billion Rupiah

According to Jokowi, we now live in an age of global information where the world today can change very quickly and we must adapt to the changing times. Things that we used to consider insignificant or wasted time can become very influential today. So we should create more varied majors and not only survive in majors or vocational education such as economics, law, socio-politics, or engineering alone.

Abroad, esports is already considered a business industry that is predicted to boom in the near future and may compete with traditional sports, so there are already many universities that offer esports majors such as Staffordshire University in England, University of California in America, Chung Ang University in Korea, and many others.

In Indonesia, there are already schools that implement esports programs, one of which is SMA 1 PSKD which has created an Online Game program in the 2016/2017 academic year, where students are taught teamwork techniques, time management, communication and game skills which they focus on 4 games namely Dota2, League of Legends, CS: GO and Overwatch. SMA 1 PSKD hopes that after the students graduate, they will be equipped with sufficient knowledge if they decide to pursue an esports career professionally.

If we look at the current achievements of esports in Indonesia, without full support from the government, Indonesia has been able to create talented esports teams that have made Indonesia proud at the world level, for example the CS: GO Indonesia Recca Esports team that just raised the red and white. in Australia’s kangaroo country. Likewise, the Vainglory Indonesia Elite 8 Esports team which has just won the Vainglory Southeast Asia Championship in Manila and will compete in the world championship at the end of 2017.

Can you imagine if the esports department entered Indonesia, Indonesia could become the top country producing world-class talented players. Let’s just wait, hopefully it will really enter the education curriculum.