Dominsi Aerowolf Roxy and RRQ.O2 Excellence

The long wait for Mobile Legends Southeast Championship (MSC) 2018 is finally over. One of the prestigious competitions in Mobile Legends this started its series of events at JIEXPO Kemayoran. So, you can see the group division in this article.

AirAsia Saiyan vs Aerowolf Roxy

Documentation: MSC 2018

Match opening for group stage on the first day this is AirAsia Saiyan (Malaysia) against MPL Season 1 champion players, Aerowolf Roxy (Indonesia).

By seeing draft pick above, you can definitely know why match it will be unique. Last pick Rafaela from Aerowolf this is what makes match This opening feels unique – because as we all know, Rafaela appears very rarely at META competitive. Draft from Saiyan is equally cool, there is combo Fanny + Angela which is really deadly.

Source: Mobile Legends Fanspage

On early game, both teams chose to do a strategy trilane (3-1-1 or 1-1-3). However, Aerowolf seems more daring to play aggressively. They even did dive turret for the sake of getting some kill.

The Saiyans also had time to counter the attacks from Aerowolf, but it seemed they were too greedy. They won teamfight and subvert 2 hero from Aerowolf.

Documentation: MSC 2018

But they have to lose Rush (Kaja) and Fredo (Moskov) when they try to subvert Billy (Bane) which at that time already had Blade of Despair.

Because networth that has been left far behind plus the fall Lord into the hands of Aerowolf, even Saiyan must admit defeat.


Jawara MSC 2017 against the king of Indonesia? It must be fierce! But, is IDNS can defend the title?

MSC 2018 participants

Just got to the 2nd minute from match, they are already fighting each other over Turtle. Even though the IDNS got it, it didn’t really have an impact networth because before RRQ dominate jungle. Add more, FairYing (Minotaur) fall deep teamfight the.

One of the advantages of RRQ is to maintain each turret they. 3 turret IDNS’s property was successfully overthrown by RRQ in 5 minutes without losing a single one turret.

Initially, IDNS tried to play objectively, but things turned around and RRQ did just that.

IZY (Fanny) started to get fierce at mid-game with the help of AzyBn (Chou). He got double kill on Lemon (Saber) and Tuturu (Harley) which at that time was trying to do gank. This is of course bad for RRQ because they have to lose 2 hero core-his.

RRQ continues to deliver pressure so that the IDNS cannot do much. Combo hero IDNS can only make RRQ retreat for a while and cannot stop it push from RRQ. The victory fell to RRQ after they succeeded in doing so wipe out.

Aether Main vs RRQ.O2

Documentation: MSC 2018

After seeing draft pick above, you will believe it if I say RRQ lost to match this? Well, Lemon with Kagura, Rooster with Lancelot, all members get hero signature each of them. Then why did they lose?

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First, Tuturu (Bane) who have been kidnapped every so often. Yep, he does love to do split push and some turret he got it. But every time he did split push, he could never return safely inside match this.

Source: Mobile Legends Fanspage

Second, Chou is used by YellyHaze contribute totally to the win Aether Main. From start to finish match, he always participated in each fight as well as gank.

In a fight, he also managed to make it all skill RRQ runs out only for himself. Thanks to damage reduction from Shunpo, he doesn’t have to die while doing that.

Documentation: MSC 2018

Well, because of Chou’s pretty play, heroes of Aether Main could stand alone ahead mid-game. Pein (Jawhead) can conquer Lord alone.

Even without Chou and Ribo (Saber) also, Jawhead, Yuji (Gusion) and Coco (Martis) can do wipe out therefore damage they are too spicy.

Besides snippets 3 match above, there are still a few match others that are no less exciting on this first day, such as Bigetron Singapore vs. Burmese Ghouls, Aether Main vs. Fantasy Main, DigitalDevils Professional Gaming vs. Aerowolf Roxy, IDONOTSLEEP vs. EVOS, and Bigetron Singapore vs. AirAsia Saiyan.

Documentation: MSC 2018

If the first day was this exciting, how about the second day? Oh yeah, don’t forget to go to JIEXPO so you can experience it hype MSC 2018!

Edited by Yubian A. Huda