Donation Goes Through WeSave’s Target! Charity Play Prepares Europe vs CIS Final Match!

It cannot be denied that event organizer WePlay! has once again managed to hold a major tournament for the competitive realm Dota 2, this time through the WeSave tournament! Charity Play! they had just hit their target figure of US $ 150,000! It doesn’t stop there, as of the time this article was written, the donation figure that has been collected has reached US $ 182,000.

With that number reached, WePlay! finally promised to hold a grand final round for the two winners from the European region and the CIS.

The selection of these two regions is not based on the number of fans or requests from the audience, WePlay! chose Europe against the CIS because of its adjacent location so that it wouldn’t really interfere with the internet network when playing later.

At present, the grand finalists for both parties have been determined, in the European region there is already Team Liquid who will face Team Nigma, while for the CIS region there are already HellRaisers who are ready to fight Na’Vi.

The winners of the two matches will again compete in the grand finals to celebrate the achievement of the donation figure which has now exceeded US $ 150,000 or the equivalent of 2.4 billion rupiah.

Source: Liquipedia

It’s actually WePlay! has prepared even more fantastic things than that, apart from setting the target figure at US $ 150,000 they have also prepared additional events when the donation figures have exceeded US $ 160,000 and US $ 180,000.

Because the donation money collected has exceeded these two targets, WePlay! will also add other events. At US $ 160,000 WePlay! has prepared another match for the North American regional.

This match is not a grand final like before, but a 3v3 match for Allstar players in the North American region. Big names like Arteezy, Cr1t-, Fear, EternalEnvy- and Aui_2000 might be chosen to enliven this match.

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At US $ 180,000 WePlay! will change the game format system in the European vs CIS grand final match, previously this match would only use the system best of three but as a bonus because it has exceeded the $ 180,000 mark then this match is changed to using the format best of five.

Source: WePlay!

There is still one more target that has not been achieved, namely at US $ 200,000, where if this number is reached, WeSavers who are donors of this event will get Premium access to WePlay! for 3 months.

There are still a few days left before this tournament is over, that means there is still plenty of time for those of you who want to donate to this tournament. All of the money collected here will be sent directly to the Laboratory for drug search for the COVID-19 virus.

Editor: Yubian Asfar