Doomfist finally came, but the voice actor was not Terry Crews

One of the things that Overwatch players have been waiting for the most is the arrival of a new Doomfist hero, and most of you have predicted Terry Crews’ Doomfist voice. However, in reality the voice actor for Doomfist is not Terry Crews but Sahr Ngaujah.

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Sahr Ngaujah is one of the veteran actors who has appeared in films such as The Signal (2007), Stomp the Yard (2007), and Money Monster (2016). Ngaujah himself is better known as a Musical Actor, he even managed to receive a nomination at the Tony Award for ‘Best Lead Actor on Musical ;.

Through Doomfist animated origin video. Ngaujah really showed off his acting skills and put on a great performance for the Doomfist character.

Indeed, there is news about Crews that had visited Blizzard’s office, but Blizzard itself has not confirmed yet about Crews, so that makes us predict that he has not got that role. However, Crews still shows his enthusiasm for Doomfist through his Twitter account.

For the time being, you can only try Doomfist via PTR. We still don’t know when the exact date you can enjoy Doomfist on the client you usually play with. So what do you think about casting Doomfist, do you prefer Terry Crews’ voice or maybe you like the ability of actor Sahr Nguajah?