Dota 2 Analyst Proves ShavaNaTarelke Cheating in Epic Origins League S1

The Epic Origins League Season 1 Tournament is an online tournament held from 17 February to 22 April 2020 which has a total cash prize of 12 thousand USD. Epic Origins League Season 1 itself is also a tournament with tier minor.

Cascade also managed to come out as the winner of the Epic Origins League Season 1 tournament. However, during the online tournament, there was a cheating incident committed by one of the teams participating in Epic Origins League Season 1.

The team is ShavaNaTarelke, which during the group stage, ShavaNaTarelke managed to collect 35 points and was ranked 2nd in the group stage. However, ShavaNaTarelke was proven to be cheating, it was proven by 3 analysts Dota 2 all at once.

ShavaNaTarelke Epic Origins League Season 1
Source: Liquipedia

The three analysts are Yaroslav Vladimirovich “NS“Kuznetsov, Vladimir”Maelstorm“Kuzminov and Egor”JotMSurkov. At that time caster say that carry from ShavaNaTarelke ie skvig most likely using a banned program.

First, NS brings up the points that Epic League administrators took into account when disqualifying ShavaNaTarelke. In most cases, they pay attention to reviews. It is assumed that Skvig saw or understood where ward the enemy is located, and shows the location ward to teammates. However, analysts found no conclusive evidence of unfair play in this episode.

After that, Maelstorm joins in to participate in analyzing the case, which suggests looking at other important points. Maelstorm explained the many suspicious activities from the ShavaNaTarelke match. Most of the caster interested in the part where Skvig immediately finds the real Phantom Lancer in the middle of her illusion.

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Ns analyst
Source: Twitcn NS

Skvig quickly clicked hero The real Phantom Lancer, so Skvig is suspected of using a forbidden program (cheat) which allows the player to know hero original despite having done the illusion (reproduce oneself).

JotM added that administrators did not know these key points. Skvig was asked but did not respond. Previously, Skvig also admitted to using high angle camera during the matches in the Epic Originis League Season 1 tournament.

The ShavaNaTarelke team was disqualified from the championship on April 19 while Skvig was suspended for 3 years from Epic Esports’ event and her teammates were suspended for 1 year.