DOTA 2 – January 4 2018 Update, Will There Be A New Hero: Mars? – RevivaLTV

Today, the DOTA 2 community was surprised by a sizable update by Valve. With almost 1 GB, Valve seems to be preparing something big later. Unfortunately, when we played this game after updating, there wasn’t a big difference.

Investigate it, it looks like Valve is preparing a new hero. Which after checking, it has codename: Mars. Not only that, several supporting matters for Mars were also “legible”.

Curious? In full, you can read below.


String Updates

Game Coordinator

  • Item IDs are now handled as Item Ability IDs.


  • Added localization for the Armory Recent tab.

Particle Update

  • Added a particle for “Spear Wall” which is something related to internal heroes with the reference “Mars”.
  • Addition of light particles to the Gyrocopter’s base attack.
  • The addition of a buff indicator on the Gyrocopter head jetika Flak Cannon is activated.

UI update


  • The dashboard is returned to the way it was before Frostivus.
  • Fixed the hero panel showing the old portraits of several heroes.
  • Chat Regions are now dynamically calibrated via python script.


  • Added the Phalanx Cancel ability icon for the Mars hero | Preview
  • Added the Spear Wall ability icon for the Mars hero | Preview


  • The various panels now have stats added to show how recommended it is to take a talent or spell, as well as how long it usually takes for a hero to finish a match.

Economic Update

  • Add a ticket ESL One Katowice 2018 powered by Intel. | Free to Spectate
  • Add a ticket EPICENTER XL. | Free to Spectate

Update Console


  • Added dota_clear_item_suggestions | Clears and recalculates suggested items


  • Added dota_suggest_item_list | Default Value: 1
  • Added dota_upload_match_state_history_duration_threshold | Default Value: 900
  • Add dota_upload_match_state_history_interval | Default Value: 300
  • Added dota_upload_match_state_history_mmr_threshold | Default Value: 2000

Update Sound

  • The Dota 001 is now a little heavier.

Patch Overview

  • Fixed Venomous Gale dispel type.
  • Fixed a Black Hole that did not deal damage at the last second.
  • Several Scalefrom legacy supports have been removed.
  • Minor update to network issues.

Patch Size: 897.9 MB (with Tools)


Unreleased Content Update

  • Deleting files related to unreleased heroes, namely “Mars“.

UI update

  • Delete USM files related to hero portraits (.webm videos). The USM file is usually part of the process of converting a different video format.

Gameplay Update

  • Fixed the bug “invisible” spell in the last DOTA 2 update.
  • Fixed a bug in the texture map which was a rendering problem in the hero mode demo in the last DOTA 2 update.

Patch Size: 175.3 MB (without Tools)

There are many terms that we don’t know through the update above, especially for people who may not be familiar with the term encoding. But we should focus on this new hero who was given codename Mars.

Valve is accustomed to providing regular updates with hundreds of MB in size. Every time they want to release a hero, they usually enter the hero data into the client long before the hero is released. This also makes several updates to release heroes, only spending relatively small updates. Because Valve only has to open existing data.

Mars dota 2 alpha

So, we should look forward to this new hero later. While we are waiting for further news. What is clear, Gamepedia DOTA 2 has entered this data on their website. Obviously, the existing data is still alpha, and of course it will take time until it enters the beta phase before it is finally released.

About this hero, it looks like he will be seen as a warrior who uses a spear weapon. A mix between Huskar and Legion Commander?

How do you comment on this news? Are you excited to welcome him?