DOTA 2 Patch 7.06, Don’t Die!

By looking at The International 2017 which is already behind the horizon, it looks like Icefrog and Valve have agreed to present a new patch that will definitely change the meta of the game. And by looking at the unique update, it seems that there is no longer the term “Zombie” for heroes in DOTA 2. Yep, all talent -respawn time has been removed.

Talking about Talent, yes, the special upgrade that was just added in the 7.00 patch is like making DOTA 2 more dynamic. Players can now change the heroes they use to a style of play that is more suitable for them or follow the direction of the game they are in.

One of the things that attracts attention is the talent-response time which is quite “damaging” meta. Where many zombies, or heroes who died then came back to life without waiting for a long time. Especially when added with Bloodstone. Of the many heroes, Lina is the one who commits the “abuse” the most. A little nerfed by moving talent, it still looks like Icefrog and Valve want this new patch to be pure death punishable.

With the elimination of these talents, they tried to replace them with other talents that in several heroes strengthened them even more. Take for example, the Nature Prophet talent level 25 which gives him the flexibility to push considering that he will be able to teleport wherever he likes because of the elimination of the Teleportation cooldwon. Real Rat DOto is real. Or Techies that you can make hitters because at talent level 25, he can take +250 damage. Just choosing the right item will make Techies so terrible.

With the presence of this update, many of the pros and DOTA 2 personalities have opened their voices.

But so far, the response from DOTA 2 players has been quite positive.