Dota 2 surpasses Lol and CS: GO as the game with the most audience!

Most Dota Game Audiences – The year 2020 is indeed a dark time for some people, apart from the many delays in several events due to COVID-19. The bad impact has also rolled into several aspects such as the finances of the esports teams who depend on tournaments and so on.

Dota 2 itself ended 2020 with something that is quite encouraging, despite the lack of tournaments and the failure of The International 10 which will take place in Stockholm, Sweden.

However, Dota 2 is the best and number one as a winner games with the largest audience on the Esports Charts version of the Twitch report. Yep, the game successfully beat several titles games top like League of Legends, CS: GO, Fortnite, PUBG, and so on.

Esports Charts provides a report that recorded the 3rd Quarter (Q3) of 2020 which shows high interest games Dota 2 from the audience gamers on Twitch. This means, Dota has a large audience games esports more with a total of 36.55% followed by CS: GO with 34.13% and League of Legends with 30.18%.

most dota games audience
Your Highness Gaben
Source: Gamer-Network

It was quite surprising considering how lonely it was games above issues around esports and update which is hard to swallow, especially Gaben who is the center of the spotlight. However, Dota 2 proved to be the winner above the data, arguably because of the series event and the TI Battle Pass which has charming prizes.

Data retrieved by Esports Charts also refers to games who is indeed involved in the world of esports which means crossing out casual game such as GTA V, Fall Guys, Among Us, and so on.

Seen from total viewers on stream Twitch shows that esports really represents the interest of the audience on Twitch. Especially if it’s not esports with various tricks, tips, community, and seasonings games itself.

To provide more complete details, Esports Charts provides the following notes:

most dota games audience
Source: AFK Gaming

In fact, Dota 2, which when calculated by the number of viewers, total hours watched, and several other indicators are actually behind several titles games other esports.

Nevertheless. lots of people who want to watch games esports on Twitch because it has a large community, and has chat material with many charming esports figures such as s1mple in CS: GO, Miracle- in Dota 2, Faker in League of Legends and so on.

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Dota 2 itself has many esports tournaments from third parties such as the OMEGA League, EPIC League, ESL One Germany 2020, and so on which are able to attract the audience to watch the action of professional retainers.

most dota games audience
Source: Valve

It seems that GabeN is still happy with this figure on the other hand they are unable to bring about a healthy esports ecosystem with the fall of several teams such as Adroit, Geek Fam, and Reality Rift in Southeast Asia.

Regional League becomes the DPC 2020-21 system which will take place from the end of January 2021. Is it worth looking forward to whether the realm of Dota 2 esports will come back to life in the coming season? Especially in Indonesia, which only leaves 3 popular teams.

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