Dota 2 Update – March 30, 2017, New Rules For Last Pick Ranked

The theme is updated this time, the changes are small but the effect is so big. Dota 2 is again providing the latest update, and for this update it seems that it is more focused on adding a few new rules for the pick and tire phase, especially for Ranked mode.


There are two important points in this update, namely:

  • After you nominate one of the heroes to be banned, the hero will automatically no longer appear as the hero you might pick in the game.
  • Especially for players who get the last pick in Ranked mode. If the player does not pick during the pick hero period, the player will be given an abandon as well as a reduction in MMR (-25). Then the match is automatically “not scored” and the other players are free to exit without fear of abandonment.

Well, especially for the second point, this will provide a deterrent effect for some players who like to do afk, so sometimes it’s too late to choose the last hero. Besides that, it’s quite dangerous for those of you who sometimes get the last pick but suddenly get disconnect / lag or something like that.

Sometimes some players choose the last pick because they prefer to focus on the counter pick.

Overall there are pluses and minuses, what do you think guys?