DotaBoom TV, DOTA 2 YouTube Channel Holds Giveaway!

The more advanced the development of DOTA 2 and technology, of course many of the DOTA 2 players want to learn to see pro-pros playing. Or also many of them who may be busy but still want to see their favorite teams in action in some of the tournaments that are being held.

This is what makes a YouTube channel called DotaBoomTV take the initiative to become a separate forum for those of you who might miss watching the cool actions of the world’s best DOTA 2 teams. DotaBoomTV not only provides highlights, but also the whole game. This will make those of you watching, of course, not miss a single tournament or game from your favorite team.

DotaBoom TV also often gives giveaway on some of their livestream opportunities. And this time, DotaBoomTV will hold a special giveaway for you.

It’s easy, you only need to follow the tasks below.

DotaBoom TV Giveaway

The prizes given are:

  • 1 Arcana Techies
  • 2 Steam Wallet Code worth $ 5

The giveaway closes on Monday, 25 September 2017 and will be announced on Tuesday, 26 September 2017.