Drama Mode On! SumaiL Sindir PPD?

The urban world is closely related to tweet wars between players. Not infrequently, the tweets they make spark disputes or are usually just jokes. But this time it seems like a different story. Suddenly SumaiL posted a tweet on his Twitter that seemed to insinuate someone. Who is she?

It is suspected, tweets SumaiL’s small group directly led to his former teammate and leader, namely PPD. Which PPD has now decided to create a new team called The Dire. And some time ago, with good performance, they were rewarded with a contract from OpTic Gaming.

As we know, OpTic Gaming is not just an esports organization. They have been in the world of FPS games for a long time, until finally they chose to jump into MOBA by acquiring The Dire.

Indeed, the departure of ppd from Evil Geniuses which made him name provoked controversy. As to whether he would contract with another organization or create his own. At least, it wouldn’t matter much if ppd hadn’t been too outspoken in a Thorin podcast.

Ppd, who was a guest star in the 38-minute podcast, told about things that happened to Evil Geniuses before and about PPD, which has now entered OpTic Gaming.

However, it seems that many are defending ppd on this point. As if it were true, if SumaiL challenged to let the results do the talking, then what happened over the past few years and this year is sufficient proof that PPD has had a big influence on Evil Geniuses.

In fact, he was on two events at The International in 2015 and 2016 when PPD was still in the team, Evil Geniuses won 1st and 3rd place.Meanwhile, when PPD chose to withdraw from the Evil Geniuses roster this year, the United States team had to settle for winning 9th place. -12 only.

It is worth waiting for whether in the next season PPD will be able to “buy” the tweet from SumaiL. Or even SumaiL who proved that the return of Fear to the team will provide more energy in the team and bring this team back to form the best. We’ll just wait.