DreamHack Denver 2017: Cloud9 Becomes the Champion!

Cloud9 won DreamHack Denver after beating BIG 2-0 in the grand final.

DreamHack Denver is a tournament held in Denver, Colorado, United States. 8 teams competed for a total prize pool of $ 100,000 or around 1.3 billion Rupiah.

The final round of DH Denver left 2 strong teams from 2 countries: Cloud9 and BIG. These two teams have a myriad of brilliant achievements in the CS: GO event.

BIG started to be glimpsed since occupying the first position in Europe Minor PGL Major Krakow, and finally getting 5-8 positions in the PGL Major Krakow. Whereas Cloud9 has recently changed roosterhis. With the inclusion of RUSH and Withdraw from OpTic, Cloud9 looks like it still wants to be number 1 in the world.

Cache is the first map to be played in this final round. Cache has been recognized as the “Playground” of North American teams, including Cloud9. On first half, Cloud9 leads with a score of 9-6. While on second half, BIG started to dominate after defeating Cloud9 in a gun round.

The situation got tense after BIG won round 25, bringing the score to 12-13. Cloud9 was forced to do eco. It was unexpected that Cloud9 won the round eco and at the same time led them to the Cache map victory with a score of 16-13.

RUSH leads the first map with a score of 1.62

The second map in this match was chosen by the American camp, where Train is one of the weakest maps from BIG. BIG won 37.5% of its 8 matches on the train. Cloud9 started this map 8-1 up. First half closed with a score of 12-3.

Cloud9 getting started second half by winning the gun round, put Cloud9 on match point. But BIG is starting to rise, thus damaging the economy of the C9. Cloud9 finally got up and closed the match with 1v2 Clutch from Stewie2K. You can re-watch their action here (map 1) and here for the second map.

With this, the gain from DreamHack Open Denver is as follows:

1. United States Cloud9 – $ 50,000
2. Germany BIG – $ 20,000
3-4. Australia Renegades – $ 10,000
3-4. Europe mousesports – $ 10,000
5-6. United States CLG – $ 3,000
5-6. Europe LDLC – $ 3,000
7-8. Brazil Tempo Storm – $ 2,000
7-8. United States NRG – $ 2,000