Dreamocel & Mikoto’s Advice for the Indonesian Team in the Regional League Next Season!

Since Valve released the system announcement Dota Pro Circuit the latest which will use a regional league system, there are many pros and cons that are raised by professional players, organizations and the community of course.

Responding to this new DPC system, two retainer core from BOOM Esports, Randy Muhammad “Dreamocel“Sapoetra and Rafli”Mikoto“Fathurahman iktu gave his opinion and suggestions regarding this matter.

Together with BOOM Esports, these two players have attended Valve’s DPC tournaments quite often, capitalizing on that experience they can both voice their voices regarding this new system.

Broadly speaking, both Dreamocel and Mikoto agree and support the use of this new DPC system. According to them, using this new system will be able to produce new teams and talents to fill the competitive sphere of the South East Asia region, especially Indonesia.

Source: StarLadder

However, before new seeds emerged, Dreamocel had given advice to Indonesian players and teams if they really wanted to try to achieve their luck in the league world. Dota 2.

In an interview session with ONE Esports, Dreamocel said “Putting your egos aside, in team discussions there is no such thing as right or wrong, both learn and never give up,” he said.

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Apart from Dreamocel, Mikoto also gave advice to teams in Indonesia, in the same interview Mikoto had said.

“My advice for the new teams is not to get emotional and give up too easily. I am also quite happy to see that there are many new teams, especially RRQ who have returned to form their Dota 2 team. “

Both Dreamocel and Mikoto certainly agree and are happy to see that many Indonesian teams have sprung up and have an unyielding spirit in the future. Facing a regional league system certainly requires steady energy and commitment throughout the course of the league in order to get the best results.

Source: Valve

The regional league format will be put into effect by Valve starting next season, that means after The International 2020 tournament is over. Currently, both the schedule and the distribution of prizes have been determined by the organizers.

Let’s just wait if the South East Asia region, especially Indonesia is able to bring out the talents of new players and teams that can compete well in the league system of this region.

Editor: Yubian Asfar