Drone View ML Cheat Anti Banned Mobile Legends 2020, Explanation!

As we know, the Mobile Legends game is one of the best MOBA games in Indonesia. This one game presents a very diverse variety of Cheats. One of them is the Latest Mobile Legends Drone View ML Cheat below.

Every game, of course, cannot escape the name of a bug or cheat. Including what we will discuss this time is the Drone View Cheat which allows you to see enemies in a very wide angle and can help you to play.

But before we discuss further, here are some topics that you must know before applying them.

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Explanation of Drone View Mobile Legends

Drone View is a cheat where the map will look wider than usual. That way, this cheat is called Drone View because you can see from the same angle.

With this display, of course, you will be helped because you can see the battle area widely. This can make you easily dodge when the enemy is ganking or something.

One of the advantages of Drone View is that it is very suitable for use by heroes Fanny, Johnson and others. Not only them, Drone View is also very comfortable for all heroes to play.

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Latest Features Drone View Mobile Legends 2020

  • Anti Banned
  • No Root
  • Can Be Used Without Additional Applications
  • The camera angle is wider
  • Can work in Brawl, Classic and Ranked modes.

How to use Drown View Mobile Legends

Before using this Drone View, we advise you to first backup the default Mobile Legends files, this is very useful when you don’t want to use it anymore, you can uninstall and install it again without the need to re-download the Mobile Legends game.

Now how to install it, you just need to download Drone View Script and then extract the file.

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After that, install the script by moving it to Storage> Android> Data> com.mobile.legends> Files> Dragon> assets> Scenes> android.

When the Replace File notification appears, please press to overwrite the existing default file. Congratulations now you have installed the script.

Now, please open the Mobile Legends game and try to play it. Then you can already feel the thrill of playing with this Drone View.

Note: Using Drone View is illegal in the mobile legends game. You are detrimental to other mobile legends players by looking broader than normal players. Therefore, we do not recommend using this cheat. Always uphold sportsmanship and good play !. Greetings from esports!

Now that’s the way to install the latest 2020 Mobile Legends Drone View Cheat. Good luck and good luck.