Due to Corona Virus, WESG APAC Final Officially Canceled

The World Electronic Sports Game (WESG) has announced that it is the WESG APAC Final event CS: GO canceled.

This is done considering the spread of the corona virus outbreak from China which has recently been busy being discussed.

Finally, the WESG APAC Final event must be reset again in mid-February 2020, and will also be moved to a new place.

Previously, the WESG Asia Pacific region final would be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on January 3 to 5 yesterday.

Then, the schedule of the event was postponed and moved to Macau on February 16-18.

The WESG really apologized to the entire team for the schedule changes they made and promised to immediately provide assistance if the teams needed it.

Wesg APAC finals canceled 1
Source: HLTV

However, the spread of the corona virus is quite threatening to many countries, forcing the final event to be canceled.

Forcibly, this is done in order to avoid unwanted things such as transmission of the virus to athletes.

Apart from that, this also happened because Chinese health officials had forced the government to immediately limit travel access due to the corona virus.

“In order to prevent transmission from occurring, we have decided to cancel the fourth WESG APAC scheduled for Macau in February,” he said.

The Wuhan Corona Virus has reportedly infected more than hundreds of Chinese citizens and killed 18 people.

Most of these cases occurred in mainland China. Although this virus is known to have originated from the city of Wuhan and has spread widely to several regions in Asia.

At present, the Corona virus is truly considered a terrible threat to countries around the world, even for Indonesia.

Several neighboring countries of China, such as South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and even the United States, some of their citizens have been confirmed to have contracted the corona virus.

As a result of the cancellation of the event, finally 16 teams had to readjust their new agenda.

Then, based on the rules, the top two teams are actually in CS: GO Macau should return to play in the Global series, which will take place in Chonqing, China in March.

However, looking at the current conditions, it looks like the event won’t be held anytime soon. Do you think?

Editor: Yubian Asfar