Easy Ways to Remove Filmora Watermarks for Free

Those of you who like to edit videos must be familiar with software called Wondershare Filmora. This software is on the rise lately because the features it offers are very tempting to have. Unfortunately, this software has weaknesses. One of them is the video made using Filmora has a watermark, if you use the free version.

The free version of Filmora has several features that you can easily identify. The first characteristic is writing UNREGISTERED which is in the lower right corner. This means that the software you are using has not been officially registered or is still using trial version. The second characteristic is that you will be asked to buy full version when you export a video. The third characteristic is the thing that you don’t like, namely the Filmora watermark on the video that you produce.

Wondershare Filmora has many superior features compared to video editor software of a kind. Its very diverse features and small RAM usage make Filmora an ideal choice because it is very light to install on a laptop. Filmora is also much more user friendly when compared to other software, so it is widely used by beginners.

You don’t need to worry about this Filmora watermark problem, guys. The existence of a watermark on the video will definitely disturb the beauty of your video. It turns out that the watermark can be removed easily. Includes videos created using Filmora 9 on PC permanently and for free. You need a special registration number to remove the watermark on the video. You can use this code for a Windows laptop or PC:

Licensed email: [email protected]

Registration code: 10402029cf364415484165af141e800.

You can also remove watermarks without going through the registration process at all. This applies if you are using the latest version of Filmora. Here are the steps you need to do:

  1. The first step you need to do is turn off the internet connection on your laptop or the PC you are using. This is very important to do so that the registration process can run smoothly and you can remove the Filmora watermark.
  2. After the internet connection on the laptop or PC is dead. Open the Wondershare Filmora application on your laptop. You will get an early notification that the Filmora you are using is trial version. Well, you just close the notification, guys.
  3. You will go to the video editing page which has various Filmora features in it. Head over to the Menu Bar located at the top left. After that, click on options help, select offline activation / activate Filmora 9. You can also find the Register option for some versions on the Menu Bar. So there is no need to bother looking for it through the Help menu.
  4. You will be given the option to log in via your Filmora account if you have pressed Activate Filmora 9. Just ignore it, guys. Click the link provided in the dialog box below if you already have a registration code. Press the button click here.
  5. put in licensed email and registration code which has been given above. Then click the button Activate.
  6. Done! Now the watermark on the video that you edited on Filmora has been removed, guys.

Well, that’s how to get rid of the watermark on the video that you edited using the Wondershare Filmora software, guys. It’s easy, right, guys. Now there are no more annoying watermarks on videos that you edit using this popular software.

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How to get rid of this is just information for you guys. We recommend that you still respect the copyright of Filmora. Count – count as a reward for application developers guys. Hopefully the information is useful, guys. You can also find other ways that might be more practical. Now there is not only one way to get to Rome guys hehe.

Greetings technology! Well, use this method wisely. As we previously said, it is still the days of the Filmora application developers. Use it according to the specs of your Smartphone so that the application runs smoothly.