[Editor-in-Chief Piece] Fanaticism Needed by Esports in Indonesia?

Since I have had a career in the game industry in Indonesia since 2008, I have repeatedly seen various communities voicing their fanaticism on different occasions.

At the time the two were released, the community LoL and Dota 2 shouting at each other which game is better. It is present again when LoL chosen to represent the MOBA PC game to be exhibited at the Asian Games.

Even my comrades are on Esports ID those who tried to express their opinion about the LoL election did not escape the community insults.

Mobile Legends which is currently the most popular game in Indonesia and shifts the throne previously held by Dota 2 also often sneered by his haters.

Competition between communities CS: GO and Point Blank in Indonesia, it was actually quite busy a few years ago.

PBWC 2018. Image Courtesy: Garena

The question is, is that kind of fanaticism what Indonesian esports needs today?

Unfortunately, in my opinion, such fanaticism will not have a positive impact on the development of games or esports in Indonesia. Due to the fact, it is not crowds like that that sponsors are looking for.

If we want to see the esports ecosystem in countries that are more advanced than us, the biggest difference is in the aspect of sponsorship investment.

Custom painted Mercedes for each team competing

Mercedez-Benz has repeatedly supported the ESL title and provided one of their best cars for the MVP at the event. Tencent on Chinese soil, they are also wasting money for the advancement of esports there.

There have been so many brands big outside PC gaming into esports in Europe, China, South Korea, and North America.

In Indonesia? New Telkomsel who are one of the giant companies from Indonesia that have openly expressed their interest and invested heavily in esports.

Telkomsel’s IGC 2018. Documentation: Dunia Games

Salim Group (owner of Indofood and a myriad of other companies) and Djarum Super (along with its subsidiaries) have started pouring funds into esports even though they are still shy.

However, there are actually many conglomerate companies from Indonesia that still view the esports or gaming industry in general underestimated.

This bigger and wider turnover of funds and investment is what is now needed by Indonesia to be able to catch up in esports.

Actually, fanaticism is also needed, but not about drama and vilifying games or neighboring communities.

The fanaticism that esports and the Indonesian game industry need is a more positive one. What kind of positive fanaticism is this?

Photo by: Muhammad Thirafi Sidha / RevivalTV

An example of such positive fanaticism is the question of going to tournament events and shouting the name of our favorite team until our votes run out. Just watch the video below when we and our friends support Revival ID at the event Garuda Cup 2018.

We even brought drums to call for our support! The committee there had to be near us for some reason … awakwkawkawk.

Apart from that, we can also voice our positive fanaticism on social networks. Like, Follow, Share, Retweet, and share every activity of your favorite teams and fill the social media timeline with all things esports, including share and retweet this article … nyahahaha

If you like Aerowolf, don’t forget to Like their Fanpage and Share all their posts if you use Facebook.

Photo by: Muhammad Thirafi Sidha / RevivalTV

Likewise if you are fanatical with EVOS Esports. Share any JessNoLimit, Oura, or any video from EVOS and leave your comments on the video, whether on YouTube, Facebook, or wherever it is.

For you fans BOOM ID, don’t forget to buy all of them merchandise them also so that their management ranks have a lot of capital to continue to support Ocel and his friends.

Photo by: Muhammad Thirafi Sidha / RevivalTV

Do all the things I mentioned above for all the games or teams that you support. In fact, that would do much more than desperately and foaming at the neighbor’s game.

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Why? Again, because that’s what sponsors are looking for.

Don’t you want our team and players to live well? Don’t you want to see our friends who are struggling in the esports industry such as shoutcaster, EO, esports media, and their friends move faster? Don’t you want to see Indonesia’s ecosystem grow fast and healthy?

If you don’t want to, you are wrongly entering the online media and please close this page.

I indeed often take the time to come to several face-to-face tournaments (in primitive language, tournaments offline) and once there was one of my friends from the tournament sponsor asked me, “how come it’s so quiet, isn’t it?”

Mobile Legends viewers at MPL Indonesia Season 1. Source: Facebook Gerry Eka

Again, trust the sponsors no matter how great you argue on social networks if you never come to a tournament; vilify opposing communities and games without ever supporting the teams and games you love for real on social media.

In fact, this is what sponsors see: views and subscribers on YouTube, the number of likes, shares and engagement (comments) on Facebook, the number of searches on Google, and other data that can be calculated.

Documentation: ASUS ROG

FinallyIn fact, your role as fans is also very, very important in determining the progress of the esports industry and ecosystem in Indonesia.

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So, for those of you who haven’t liked and shared all of Aerowolf, RRQ, EVOS Esports, TP.NND, BOOM ID, XCN, Alter Ego, Recca Esports posts, and our friends who are struggling hard in the realm of esports, do it now. .

For those of you who still like to make fun of games that you don’t like, I also don’t prohibit it, but it would be nice if you compensate by buying merchandise and coming every time there is a game tournament that you like.

Photo by: Muhammad Thirafi Sidha / RevivalTV

All of us, esports players in Indonesia, need your support and positive fanaticism, esports and game lovers …