EG vs SG e-sports: a super fun match that many people miss

The third day of the Main Event of the Kiev Major actually went so long, with a total of 4 matches ending in 3 games. And one of the longest matches was Evil Geniuses vs SG e-sports, where all the matches 34 can be called every game running for 1 full hour.

The first game, EG was better able to control the gameplay, though JuggernautWilliam “Hfn.k3” Medeiros and LinaAdriano “4dr” Machado had made EG inconvenient.

In game 2, it was SG e-sports that took over the game more. EnigmaOtavio “tavo” Gabriel several times doing epic Black Hole and make the EG team wipe out. Rubick Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen which should be stolen speal from Enigma can’t do much either. As a result, EG was forced to continue until the third game.

The 3rd game, became the determining series, Specter early pick by EG. Playing a slow tempo, and leading to the late game, the core heroes from EG were able to disrupt the positioning of the SG e-sports team. Another epic moment, Five-man Dream Coil PuckSumail “Suma1l” Hassan at roshan pit before the late game will be an unforgettable moment for this Major. SpecterArtour “Arteezy” Babaev managed to bring the Bleed Blue advanced to semifinal, score ended 2-1 for EG.

EG is indeed one of the top teams in the Kiev Major 2017. However, SG E-Sports’ struggle as the first team from Brazil to appear at the official Valve event deserves appreciation.

With this victory, Evil Geniuses advanced to the semifinals. Around 17:30 WIB they will fight with OG for the Grand Final slot. Watch the exciting match on the YouTube channel RevivaL TV or the Official Twitch channel here.

(article by Zakucj + Snazzy)