EHOME and Escape Gaming get the Main Event The International 2016 slot

The 2016 International Wildcard has just finished, and 2 winners have been determined who will get slots for the Main Event of The International 2016, namely EHOME and Escape Gaming.

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For some viewers, the focus is more on one of the youngest players at The International 2016, Abed from Execration.

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Abed’s performance that managed to amaze the audience against one of NA’s strongest teams, compLexity. With his achievement in occupying the “Best Meepo Player” based on, it is not a mere status, just look at how he looks to mess with compLexity who has even tried to count Meepo by taking Ember Spirit.

But unfortunately it is rare for Execration to stop after being defeated by Escape Gaming, which dropped to the Lower Bracket after being defeated by EHOME 2-0 as well,

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And here are a total of 16 teams that will fight in the Main Event later. But before that, they must pass the Groupstage round to determine who gets the Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket slots.

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For the Groupstagen schedule, wait for our next post (y)